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Serbia Smederevo steel plant acquired by River steel reversed its seven-year loss situation

Serbia Smederevo steel plant acquired by River steel reversed its seven-year loss situation

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the author learned from China River Steel Group a few days ago that by the end of November last year, River steel Serbia had achieved EBIT profits and achieved full profits in December, Smederevo steel plant, which has suffered losses for seven consecutive years, is gradually coming out of the quagmire

Smederevo steel plant, founded in 1913, is the only large-scale state-owned pillar enterprise in Serbia, an Eastern European country, and was once known as "the pride of Serbia"

however, due to intensified competition in the international steel market, poor management and other factors, this steel plant has been in trouble in recent years and was once on the verge of closure. In April last year, China Hegang Group invested 46million euros to acquire Smederevo steel stabilizer fatigue testing machine, which good iron plant can display temperature, deformation and other data in real time and draw curves, and set up Hegang Serbia company. Therefore, the 100 year old plant is revitalized

since the successful acquisition, the technical team of River steel stationed in Serbia has reached 11 batches, with a total of nearly 200 people. It has diagnosed and solved the problems of Smederevo steel plant in terms of equipment, technology, informatization, process, etc., and reversed the situation of Smederevo steel plant losing money for seven consecutive years

Yu Yong, chairman of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, said that after half a year, the production and operation of Hebei Iron and steel Serbian company has entered a healthy track, highlighting the advantages and capabilities of China's steel industry and Hebei Iron and Steel Corporation in ① industrial waste plastics

the Serbian company of River steel plans to produce 2million tons of steel in 2017, and the company expects the output value to reach 800million US dollars and realize a profit of 20million US dollars. Yu Yong said that the group will further tap the potential of the enterprise, stimulate the vitality of the enterprise, and build the Serbian company of Hegang into a highly competitive enterprise in Europe and a model of win-win cooperation between China and Serbia as soon as possible

Hegang said that it would always respect local customs and cultural traditions, and ensure the rapid growth of the enterprise by importing advanced technology and management experience in accordance with the principles of "interest localization", "employee and employment localization" and "cultural localization"

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