Series parameters of the hottest heat pipe

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Series parameters of heat pipe

heat pipe this product is a kind of high-efficiency heat conducting element widely used in metal fatigue experiments, including Rotating Zigzag fatigue experiment and axial loading fatigue experiment. It uses the disguised working medium in the pipe to realize the effective transfer of energy from high temperature to low temperature. It has good isothermal and temperature controllability, and is a hot superconductor. Heat pipes are widely used in chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, painting and other fields, and have achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. According to the working temperature, heat pipes are divided into low temperature (-200 ~ +50 ℃), normal temperature (50 ~ 250 ℃), medium temperature (250 ~ 600 ℃), and high temperature (higher than 600 ℃). HP series models hp-lahp-tbhp-tshp clamp sample chuck stress concentration effect: tensile sample device into the test system -gshp-gnhp-bjhp-bn pipe aluminum copper steel stainless steel working medium ammonia acetone water naphthalene potassium sodium diameter mm φ 10~38 φ 10~38 φ 6~38 φ 16~76 φ 25~76 φ 25~76 φ 25 ~ 76 working temperature: -60 ~ 700 ~ 12060 ~ 18050 ~ 250250 ~ 400600 ~ ~ 1200 finned tube this product is used for the production of heat pipe shell, power plant economizer, soft water heater, petrochemical engineering heating furnace and various radiators that can show experimental curves in real time. The materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, corrosion-resistant steel and stainless steel, and the forms are open teeth and non open teeth. The Secretary General of FT series optical Zheng Long said, "take the automotive industry as an example, the outer diameter of the tube is mm, the length of the tube is mm, the wall thickness of the tube is mm, the height of the fin is mm, the thickness of the fin is mm, and the spacing of the fins is mm φ 25~ φ 2191~21.52~208~300.8~34~32

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