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The report points out that the recovery rate of plastic bottles in the United States decreased slightly

the extension meter was connected to the expander and the expander was connected to the experimental machine to measure the deformation. In 2015, the recovery rate of plastic bottles in the United States decreased slightly, which is the first decline in 25 years. Therefore, this period is called the most difficult period in the industry

a latest report from the plastic recycling association and the American Chemical Council showed that the overall recovery rate fell by 31.1% last year, 31.7% lower than the data in 2014

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and the actual weight of the recycled plastic bottles has decreased by 0.5% to 2. The tension machine accessory technology you need to know is 977 million pounds

according to the report released on November 2, the plastic bottle recycling industry experienced an extremely difficult year in 2015, which was caused by the lower packaging price and the original polymer price. The profit of plastic bottle recycling enterprises is too low

these industry associations believe that plastic bottle recycling will remain stable in recent years

Steve, executive director of the plastic recycling association, arrived at the automatic uniform cooling of samples Constant temperature Alexander said in an email: "the decline in the recovery rate has led to an increase in pollution, and the demand for recycled resin is still very strong, so the association must pay attention to more and better recycled materials and apply them to plastic processing. I don't think the decline in the plastic recovery rate is the trend in the future, but we must pay attention to it to improve the recovery rate. Be sure to cut off the power."

pet bottles are a large category of plastic bottles. The recycling capacity in 2015 was 1.797 billion pounds, slightly lower than 1.812 billion pounds in 2014. HDPE bottles were 1144 million pounds, down from 1149 million pounds in 2014

polypropylene bottles are a small but growing category. In 2015, the recycling capacity increased to 31.8 million pounds, an increase of about 26.6 million pounds over the previous year

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