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According to the survey, eating egg yolk pie does have the effect of drunk driving in a short time

Changsha News recently, it was hot on Weibo that a bus driver had a 67mg/100ml reading on the machine during the routine test before leaving the car, and he was puzzled that he didn't touch the wine. After investigation, it turned out that the trouble was caused by several pieces of egg yolk pie eaten before the test. Egg yolk pie can make the driver "drunk", which is really "lying down and shot". Can egg yolk pie really cause the effect of "the tension value measured by drunk driving is inaccurate"? Yesterday, this newspaper conducted an experiment on this

after eating an egg yolk pie (23g), blow on the drunk driving tester 10 seconds later. The tester shows that the alcohol content is 119mg/100ml, which belongs to drunk driving. After serving all links in the steel trade ecosystem for one minute, blow again. The tester shows that the alcohol content is 30mg/100ml, which belongs to drinking driving. After five minutes, blow again, showing that the alcohol content is. After that, drink a glass of beer (about 200ml) and immediately blow on the alcohol driving tester. The analysis of the tester shows that the alcohol content is 106mg/100ml

field experiments show that the alcohol detector does give similar results of "drunk driving" in a short time after eating egg yolk pie. However, the traffic police believe that this can not be an excuse for individual drivers to "drink driving" or "drunk driving", and the traffic police will not wronged drivers who have not drunk because of this miscarriage of justice

Qiu Wei, a policeman of the mobile squadron of Yuhua brigade, explained in detail: in fact, the alcohol content test is not a one-time test. For drivers suspected of drunk driving, we will test again every five to ten minutes. In addition, if the party concerned disagrees with the test results, the blood alcohol content test can also be carried out, so there will be no injustice. Eating egg yolk pie and drinking alcohol are not the same thing. The alcohol after eating egg yolk pie does not enter the blood. It is easy to volatilize and dilute through breathing or drinking water, and the concentration will drop to a very low level within a few minutes. However, after drinking alcohol, it enters the blood and must be metabolized in the body before the concentration can be reduced, and the concentration will slowly increase within a certain period of time, which will affect the driver's God. It is very suitable for such satellite manufacturing systems, causing hidden dangers of traffic safety. If you do eat egg yolk pie and worry about unnecessary misunderstanding in the detection, the driver can drink water after eating egg yolk pie. Because the edible alcohol of egg yolk pie is not absorbed into the blood, drinking water can also greatly reduce the edible alcohol contained in egg yolk pie in the mouth. Therefore, the consumption of egg yolk pie will not interfere with the normal alcohol content detection

Ren Wenjing intern Zhang Dejun

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in fact, egg yolk pie is not the only thing that may cause "drunk driving". Eating Huoxiang Zhengqi oral liquid, tofu milk (catfish), swiss roll and using mouthwash may also be "drunk". Theoretically, after using the imported products containing edible alcohol, many years of advanced professional manufacturing experience can appear in a short time, which is similar to the effect of "drunk driving". But fortunately, the alcohol in these foods volatilizes quickly, which basically will not interfere with the normal alcohol detection of drunk driving and drunk driving

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