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The report shows that most of the "made in China" loans from American sales flow to the United States

reference news on January 13, the Washington Post station published an article entitled "made in China: most of the money you pay flows to American workers and enterprises, although the label says something else" on January 11. The author is Andrew Vandam. The excerpt of the article is as follows:

according to a new analysis report released by the Reserve Bank of San Francisco, on average, About 56% of the money you pay for goods made in China goes to American companies and employees

the article said that although the rules are very complex, in general, made in China is just the assembly of goods in Chinese factories. Its parts, design, marketing and distribution may come from anywhere, and anywhere is usually the United States

China is the largest trading partner of the United States. Some American companies import goods from China, partly because the prices of these goods are relatively low and the price increases are relatively large at retail. This means that the universal material testing machine that consumers pay for these goods is mainly used to measure the physical properties of materials or products, which flows more into these companies and indirectly to their employees

the proportion of imported goods and services in the U.S. consumer market is much smaller than you expected in December 2013. Researchers from the Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Galina hale, fernandanicho and Doris Wilson, as well as economist Bart hobain from Arizona State University, found that for every $100, only $10.70 went overseas. This figure has remained unchanged for 15 years

about 11% of the goods in the U.S. consumer market are imported. Despite the rise of China, this number has remained stable for 15 years. According to the report, the share of goods made in China in the United States and all parts of the equipment are normally switched on is increasing, while the share of Japanese goods, rather than that of American manufacturers, is decreasing

since these economists focus on consumers, their research does not cover the impact of government or enterprise spending, such as imported factory equipment

the article introduces what factors constitute commodity value in the United States

retail costs and room for price increases: retailers like goods from China because they can usually increase their prices significantly

design: Apple marked its products as designed by apple in California and assembled in China. Such words are not common, but the workflow is very common. The high paying design and R & D work required to produce apple and other consumer goods is usually in some cities such as Cupertino, California

production: the productivity of American factories is higher than ever before. Some of their products are transported to places like China and assembled in China to become Chinese made goods

marketing: in order to market in the United States, foreign enterprises usually buy wood flour from American media and technology companies. Before filling, they must dry it and buy advertising space

logistics distribution: like marketing, it is difficult to leave aside the local logistics industry, whether direct or indirect, in the process of distributing products to American retailers

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