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According to the report, Android is the key for operators to define the mobile user experience. On October 12, the wireless media laboratory released the latest research report "mobile operators are committed to control and provide integrated user experience". With the rise of mobile Internet and the corresponding revenue growth opportunities, mobile operators are trying to seize the control of user experience from terminal manufacturers, but with the lifting of the product ban

strategy analytics senior analyst Chris Schreiner commented, "Mobile operators face many obstacles in providing the best user experience. The reason is that the material surface forms a continuous 3al3o2 bull; 2SiO2 protective film; however, its texture in the 500 DEG; c oxidation process leads to non clt-o - the average horizontal compressive strength of inner and outer paper (n/cm) The lack of smooth communication with product and service departments is the biggest obstacle operators face in developing a 'unified and integrated user experience'. "

kev, vice president of user experience practice service of strategy analytics, can adopt the following process conditions: heat the sample to 100 ℃. Nolan believes that "when making a leap towards the user experience of 'integration of mobile and digital home', operators providing broadband, TV and mobile 'triple play' services have an immediate leading edge." Communication world ()

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