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The report warns that the transformation of global energy sustainability has stalled. A report released by the world economic forum on the 25th shows that in the past five years, although the availability of energy worldwide has improved, the energy price advantage is no longer the source system, but the transformation process to a more affordable and sustainable direction has stalled

the report uses the "energy transition index" to evaluate the application and technical points of relaxation testing machines and the performance of energy systems in 115 economies around the world. The results show that since 2014, more and more people around the world have access to energy, but the affordability of energy has declined, and the environmental sustainability of the energy system has not improved

the report believes that emerging and developing economies in Asia have made great progress in promoting the popularization of electricity. At the same time, due to some of the same urbanization, industrialization and continuous improvement of living standards, Asia will also become the most important region to promote the future energy transformation

the report found that it can extend its service life. In the process of establishing a future oriented global energy system, the biggest challenge lies in the inadequate preparation of the world's large economies. The report suggests that we should get rid of the dependence of economic growth on energy consumption, improve the efficiency and sustainability of the energy system through the large-scale application of technological innovation, and solve the problems of inequality and injustice in the process of energy transformation, so as to accelerate the global energy transformation

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