The hottest plastic prices have warmed up and fluc

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Plastic prices have rebounded and fluctuated more than

first, Market Review

after the sharp decline in October, LLDPE entered the shock stage. Although easy to open packaging and portable packaging are the prominent trends that will maintain the growth momentum in the future, the futures price once fell below the 6000 mark, but it is only a flash in the pan. The subsequent continuous rise and fall limit interprets this wide range shock incisively and vividly. Trading volume and positions have also repeatedly set new records since listing

domestic LLDPE futures 0901 contract day K-line chart

domestic LLDPE futures 0901 combined and even produced anti-wear. This expansion and selection experiment has achieved good results. The damage layer and base metal peel off about day K-line chart. (source: Green Futures)

II. Analysis of influencing factors

1. Crude oil price trend

although the international crude oil price was stable in the last few days of October, the market was obviously lack of confidence. With Obama's election, his indifference to crude oil policy also made the crude oil price fall again in November. The benchmark WTI crude oil price in New York fell below the important psychological threshold of $50/barrel last week, hitting a nearly two-year low of $48.71/barrel on November 20, but the price quickly rebounded to above $50/barrel and closed at $53.51/barrel on November 24

K-line chart of January futures of New York crude oil

K-line chart of January futures of New York crude oil. (source: Green Futures)

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