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The annual growth rate of China's plastic pipe market has reached 15%

in recent years, as the upper plate is turned down to the adjusted spacing within 1s, China's urbanization process has accelerated. With the strong support of relevant national policies, water conservancy transactions are better, transportation, housing and other construction projects, as well as the increasing demand for many agricultural plastic water-saving irrigation equipment. The domestic plastic pipe industry has a good momentum of development and has become a "leader" in the plastic processing industry. According to the statistics of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, at present, the annual growth rate of China's plastic pipe market is 15%, and the division of labor is clear, ranking first in the world

it is understood that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's plastic pipeline industry has made significant progress in product standardization, quality improvement, output growth, export volume increase, application field expansion, industrial structure optimization and other aspects. There are still some problems in the plastic pipeline industry, among which, paying attention to increasing production and ignoring quality control is a major problem to be solved urgently

based on this, the "development suggestions for China's plastic pipeline industry during the" 13th five year plan to tighten the belt "() jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of water resources and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development believes that there are still good market opportunities for the development of China's plastic pipeline industry, but the industry reshuffle and the elimination of backward production capacity will gradually accelerate, and the industry development resources will gradually focus on enterprises with brand advantages, quality assurance and competitive strength

Zhang Jianjun, chairman of the plastic pipe professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that the production and application of plastic pipes nationwide in 2016 was about 14.36 million tons, an increase of 4.06% year-on-year. The overall development momentum in 2017 is promising. It is reported that after the first quarter, the transactions of most plastic material companies are in line with expectations. From January 1 to April 11, the stock prices of 13 of the 16 public material companies have increased significantly, winning the "top prize" for the development of the plastic pipe industry in 2017

combined with the "suggestions on the development of China's plastic pipeline industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period ()" and the current development status of the plastic pipeline industry, it can be predicted that the future development of the plastic pipeline industry will tend to be changeable. The large-scale urbanization process will bring huge demand growth to the plastic pipe industry; Simplifying the intermediate links will lead to changes in the channel model; Speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, and there is a wave of small and medium-sized enterprise closures; Build an innovative industrial chain cooperation model to enhance competitiveness; The media will gradually zero tolerate the quality of plastic pipes and lead the quality revolution. Domestic enterprises need to actively respond and take advantage of the situation to further optimize and upgrade

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