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Plastic pollution needs to be rectified urgently, and life rescue is urgent

plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic covers... Human life is full of plastic. People produce, use and discard it anytime and anywhere, and the world has long been filled with plastic garbage. We can't see it, but it's dozens of kilometers away from the city, at the bottom of the river... They pile up like mountains

plastic pollution needs to be remedied urgently, and life rescue is urgent

and these plastic wastes return to us again through the biological chain, in our bodies, endangering all living things in the world

you can hear the cry of life

on March 12, Hui pioneered a new political period, and a sperm whale ran aground on Sesame state beach

on March 14, after several days of attempts, the expert group announced that it would give up treatment and choose to let the sperm whale die naturally

at 16:30 on March 15, sperm whales stranded in Daya Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong Province for nearly three days were successfully lifted by cranes and put into trailers

on March 16, the dissector dissected a shaped fetus in the belly of the sperm whale. People also found a tear in the corner of its eye

plastic pollution needs to be remedied urgently, and life rescue is urgent.

it is reported that this sperm whale has multiple scratches on its tail and body, some fishing lines on its teeth, and plastic bags in its mouth. When lifting out of the water and 4. When wiring and protection operations are carried out, a large amount of blood and water flows from its nostrils after lifting

you can imagine such a picture

on March 12, according to the BBC, scientists photographed the intake of microplastics by plankton for the first time, revealing how microplastics, a pollutant of global concern, affect marine organisms

a short video of various plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and decorative wood-based panels shows that waste plastics can indeed enter marine organisms and pass along the food chain

plastic pollution needs to be remedied urgently, and life rescue is urgent.

she also said that even if we stop using plastic products now, the problem will not stop, but continue

when do we have to wait for action

this picture looks like a micrograph of plankton, but it is actually part of the wheel of the stroller. This picture is by British photographer Mandy? One of Mandy Barker's latest project "beyond drifting"

plastic pollution needs to be remedied urgently. Life rescue is urgent.

she spent four months walking on the beach in cork, Ireland, collecting plastic garbage washed up by the sea, including wheels, toys and 10 The belt driving the oil pump loosens the shell, etc., and then shoot in the studio. After that, she superimposed these pictures into the image of coiled plankton

Mandy? Barker often takes garbage as the subject of photography to promote the concept of environmental protection. Her works involve the swirling plastic waste belt left by the Japanese tsunami and the waste landfilling problem in Hong Kong through discarded lighters

author's summary

the total amount of plastic waste flowing into the world's oceans every year is about 8million tons. A large number of plastic debris are eaten by plankton, while sea urchins, sardine and other larger organisms feed on plankton. Through the food chain, many plastic debris will eventually reach the human body

human activities have caused too many tragedies. Think about that little sperm whale, it has not had time to look at the world, but it has left a tear for itself and the world. Facing this reality, what should we do and what can we do? Ecologists and engineers should work together to speed up the development of technology and materials in the plastic industry and strive to develop more degradable plastics and bio based plastics as soon as possible. We can't shirk it personally. We should use plastic products in a civilized way and use more renewable products to jointly create an environment-friendly, healthy and safe living environment

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