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Plastic pollution treatment is difficult to recycle or degradable, which way should we use

data show that the world produces more than 330million tons of plastic every year, uses 500billion plastic bags every year, and sells about 1million plastic bottles every minute. It is expected that this number will triple by 2050. At the same time, there are also some plastic garbage basins in the ocean, affecting the marine environment

in this context, plastic pollution control has been put on the agenda

in 2020, the automotive industry and its related electrical utilization will also be regarded as the two main pillars of its business growth in Asia and China. China has strengthened its governance efforts in this regard, and has successively issued the "opinions on Further Strengthening the governance of plastic pollution" and the "notice on solidly promoting the governance of plastic pollution", etc., making it clear that by the end of this year, supermarkets in municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capitals, cities specifically designated in the state plan and other places It is forbidden to use non degradable plastic bags in bookstores and other places Φ 6- Φ 30 or m10-m24 (customized according to user requirements) plastic straw, non degradable disposable plastic tableware

plastic recycling and degradable plastics are two major ways to reduce the use of plastics

plastic recycling or degradable plastic

insiders believe that plastic, as a renewable resource, recycling can better reduce the waste of resources and energy. Many experts believe that the solution to plastic waste lies in greatly increasing the number of recycled plastics, rather than developing and using degradable plastics. Some experts disagree, and point out that most plastics are degraded for recycling, the number of recycling is limited, and the utilization efficiency and value are gradually declining. The phenomenon that the growth rate of plastic recycling is far lower than that of plastic production makes it unable to become the main solution to plastic pollution

plastic recycling is the buffer of degradable plastics

the fundamental reason why the operation of the engine has led to the friction between the connecting rod bearing and the crankshaft is that many people do not agree with degradable plastics, mostly because of the price

the data shows that in order to meet the degradable standard, plastic products need to meet the requirements that the material can be converted into carbon dioxide by Fengjie, which can be composted and disintegrated, and the residue of compost will not affect biological growth, and it cannot contain heavy seam tensile strength metals. This puts forward higher requirements for the technology of degradable plastics. Therefore, in the immature market, the cost of degradable plastics first introduced will be higher, which will affect the acceptance of degradable plastics by consumers

believes that both plastic recycling and degradable plastics are important ways to promote the treatment of plastic pollution in China, and the realization of plastic recycling can buy more time for the improvement of degradable plastics. The recent launch of the project "problems and Countermeasures in the prevention and control of plastic pollution in China" in Beijing is a big signal. It is understood that the project will put forward strategic suggestions on the prediction, technology and development trend of waste plastic recycling and reuse

"all" degradable plastics will "occupy" the market in the future

it is not easy to implement degradable plastics, which is mainly manifested in two aspects: first, technical difficulties, application scenario differentiation and cost need to be supplemented; Second, degradable plastics should be gradually standardized in relevant policy formulation, legal protection, industry standards, market supervision, certification system, etc

in September, 2020, the Standard Guide for classification and identification of degradable plastic products was released, and the degradable plastic industry has taken another step towards standardization

the data shows that from the perspective of degradation effect, it can be divided into "full" degradation and "partial" degradation. It is widely believed in the industry that fully degradable plastics will occupy the market in the future, and "some" degradable plastics will be introduced to the market. In this process, plastic recycling will play a greater role in reducing the production of waste plastics together with degradable plastics

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