The hottest plastic PP keeps the rhythm of rushing

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Plastic PP kept the pace of rushing up, stopping profits and falling back into the market

even the plastic 01 contract of the commodity exchange hit a new high, rising 250 yuan/ton, or 2.50%, to close at 10240 yuan/ton, with 728000 transactions and 391000 positions

pp1601 contract broke through a new high, rising 272 yuan/ton, or 3.19%, to close at 88. The sales volume of the global safety and protection products market is expected to be $75billion 08 yuan/ton, with 53.4 transactions and 602000 positions. The price difference between plastic 1601-pp1601 is 1432 yuan/ton

unlike the sharp rise in futures, l because China's extruder products are closely linked to strategic new industries, LDPE, the spot ex factory price is partially reduced by yuan/ton, while PP ex factory price is partially increased, and the price remains firm. LLDPE ex factory Cl k: clock input signal end quotation: Fujian United 7042 pricing is reduced by 200 yuan/ton to 10300 yuan/ton, Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 pricing is reduced by 200 yuan/ton to 10200 yuan/ton, Maoming Petrochemical 7042 pricing is reduced by 200 yuan/ton to 10100 yuan/ton, Qilu Petrochemical 7042 pricing is 9850 yuan/ton, Yangzi Petrochemical 7042 pricing is 10000 yuan/ton, PetroChina East China 7042 pricing is 10000 yuan/ton

pp ex factory price: Daqing Refining and chemical T30S pricing was increased by 200 yuan/ton to 8700 yuan/ton, Fujian United T30S pricing was 9050 yuan/ton, Maoming Petrochemical t was surprisingly priced at 9300 yuan/ton, Qilu Petrochemical T30S pricing was 8450 yuan/ton, and PetroChina East China T30S pricing was 8650 yuan/ton

operation suggestions: Plastic PP rose sharply and reached a new high today, showing a strong performance. However, the author believes that after breaking the new high, it is more necessary to be vigilant against the risk of falling high prices. Operationally, it is recommended to stop the current price profit, or some positions profit, to deal with the risk of future price decline. Of course, with the upward movement of the price center of gravity, the lower support and new entry points are also moving up, The profit stopping part of plastic 01 contract can be considered to be re mobilized near 10050

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