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China's plastic pipe market urgently needs to solve the existing problems

with the rapid development of China's national economy and infrastructure construction and the adjustment of national industrial policies. At present, the growth rate of China's pipe fitting market in previous years has reached 15%, ranking among the top three in the world. This development speed is gratifying, which indicates the huge market capacity and the prosperity of the whole industry. However, there are still many problems in the plastic pipe market that need to be solved urgently

according to statistics, the demand for plastic pipes in the domestic market may continue to grow at a rate of more than 12% per year, especially because China continues to accelerate the pace of modern urban construction and strengthen sewage resource treatment, which will have a broad application prospect in water supply and drainage systems, building heating systems, water supply, sewage pipes, gas, heating pipes, large-diameter buried pipes, etc, In 2010, the output of plastic pipes in China will reach 4.5 million tons. It is necessary to have circulating air in the laboratory. By 2015, it will reach 6million tons. At that time, China will become the country with the largest output of plastic pipes in the world. Therefore, pipe manufacturing enterprises need to seize the opportunity to constantly explore new application fields and strengthen brand upgrading

the market brands are disorderly

the building materials market can be described as a wide range of categories and fierce competition. Regardless of high, medium and low grades, there are several or even dozens of brands competing in each market level, and products of different grades are also competing with each other. The pipe market mainly includes the following product brands: PE pipe (high-density polyethylene water supply, gas pipe) market brands mainly include: Jinniu, Baoshuo, Liansu, Jinde, goody, Baidie and other brands; PP-R tube market brands mainly include: Liansu, Jinniu, Jinde, Jiangtong, jiangte, Aikang, Weixing ShuangDi, shangsu, goody and other brands

in addition, the competition in the market of new products such as steady-state pipe, butt welded aluminum-plastic composite pipe, steel plastic composite pipe, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow wall winding pipe is more intense. Due to the serious homogenization of the pipe market and consumers' ignorance of product knowledge, there is a serious asymmetry between product information and the market. Generally, they only choose from the appearance and price, and rarely buy a specific brand by name, which makes it easy for many enterprises and merchants to make a wrong analysis of the market, so that there are no selling points, ignore the shaping of brand image, and lead to the disconnection between brand and consumption, Consumers cannot buy real high-quality products

brand awareness is generally weak

the weak brand enterprise awareness of pipes and fittings, the construction of marketing network is relatively backward, coupled with low barriers to technology and capital entry, which makes most enterprises generally small in scale, single marketing means, high marketing costs, lack of brand strategy, and there is almost no investigation and research and response means to the target market and segment market. They rush forward and work hard. For technology According to the principle of convergence, circulation, chain formation and sustainability, the renewal and improvement of scientific plan layout are less considered

when the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many enterprises fall into the embarrassing dilemma of channel conflict, rising costs, declining revenue, continuous customer complaints, and significantly reduced satisfaction. How to make a way in the market in August 2016? In addition to channel marketing, we must also make great efforts to build a strong brand that is recognized by enterprises, distributors and consumers in an all-round way, so as to occupy a stable position in the future market

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