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What is an image measuring instrument

imaging will increase the demand for biomedical materials; The increase of trauma caused by the development of transportation and sports; The economic continuous growth measuring instrument is a new term in the field of industrial detection and measurement technology. It represents the advanced measurement technology of integrating computer technology into industrial detection and measurement and carrying out spatial geometric operations. Just because its cutting edge is not well known by the public, many [image alignment measurement projectors] are in fashion now, and they call themselves "image measurement devices". The team also includes ship segmentation and equipment manufacturers

[image alignment measurement projector] has a very prominent feature, that is, it has both [digital display screen] and a computer. This feature itself is very funny, because now that there is a computer display, the [digital display screen] should be meaningless. The format and capacity of information that the computer can display is beyond the reach of a digital display screen. The computer in the image projection measuring instrument is as poor as a TV or monitor with a cross generator. It is only used as a "shooting range" for visual alignment and a fake device. It is a pile of electronics and machinery without "wisdom". Therefore, it is not difficult to distinguish between true and false image measuring instruments. First, it depends on whether it has an additional digital display screen. Second, it depends on whether it has the ability of spatial geometric operation. The real [image measuring instrument] (also known as image type surveying and mapping instrument) is based on CCD digital images and relies on the powerful software ability of computer screen measurement technology and spatial geometric operation. After installing the special control and graphic measurement software, the computer has become a measurement brain with the soul of the software and is the main body of the whole equipment. It can quickly read the displacement value of the optical ruler, and get the desired result instantly through the software module operation based on the spatial geometry; And generate graphics on the screen for the operator to compare the graphics and shadows, and pay attention to the computer control of the machine, so as to visually distinguish the possible deviation of the measurement results. All this is done in real time in front of today's powerful computer computing power, and the operator himself cannot perceive it. This kind of precision instrument, which can use CCD digital image and meet the needs of complex measurement through computer software calculation, is the real image measuring instrument, two-dimensional element, three-dimensional element

it can be seen that the computer in the image measuring instrument not only performs simple numerical display, but also has basic functions such as spatial geometric operation, graphic display, dimensioning, CAD graphic output, all of which depend on powerful special software. (end)

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