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What are the hardware processing factories? What is hardware

hardware is a product that we often use. Not only the door lock products belong to hardware, but also the handle touched by the hand when pulling the drawer is hardware; Of course, household hardware also includes stainless steel garbage cans and universal wheels. It is suggested that consumers should consider brand products when choosing hardware accessories. So in the end, what are the hardware processing plants? What is hardware

what are the hardware processing plants

1. Shenzhen nuopal Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. is good at hardware processing, reliable quality, precision parts processing, nuopal intelligent manufacturing, nuopal in the medical hardware processing plant, free and fast quotation, metal parts accuracy up to 0.01mm, CNC numerical control processing, hardware customization nuopal, CNC precision processing nuopal, CNC machine. Taking CNC as its own core processing technology (including CNC drilling and tapping, turning and milling, fine carving, cutting, etc.), it has integrated perfect upstream and downstream supporting manufacturing resources (such as various rapid and formal molds, 3D printing such as SLA and SLS, various surface treatment processes, etc.)

2. Stender Hardware Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of processing hardware. It has 20 years of experience in mold processing and using single-chip microcomputer to realize speed closed-loop control gold design. There are 2 technicians and 15 high-speed punches. The output is high-quality and stable. It is a high-quality manufacturer of micro processing hardware. He has rich experience in mold design and manufacturing of micro precision hardware parts, and has created a double belt precise feeding process (applied for a manufacturing patent certificate). This process greatly improves the product precision (product precision reaches 0.02mm), increases the output (single-mode daily output reaches 300000), and improves the material utilization rate (material utilization rate is more than 80%), effectively reducing the product production cost

what is hardware

1. Locks; Exterior door lock, handle lock, drawer lock, ball door lock, glass window lock, electronic lock, chain lock, anti-theft lock, bathroom lock, padlock, number lock, lock body and lock cylinder

2. Handle; Drawer handle, cabinet door handle, glass door handle

3. Door and window hardware hinge: glass hinge, corner hinge, bearing hinge (copper, steel), pipe hinge; Hinge; Track: drawer track, sliding door track, hanging wheel, glass pulley; Plug (it can be divided into three types: manual, fully active and microcomputer controlled: change the test range of the experimental machine according to the spring); Door stopper; Ground suction; Ground spring; Door clamp; Door closer; Plate pin; The door mirror; Anti theft buckle; Batten (copper, aluminum, PVC); Touch bead, magnetic touch bead

4. Household decoration hardware; The system parameters of universal wheel, cabinet leg, door nose, air duct, stainless steel trash can, metal hanging brace, plug, curtain rod, curtain rod lifting ring (plastic and steel), sealing strip and lifting clothes rack are all open to expert users, including clothes hook and clothes rack

5. Plumbing Hardware; Aluminum plastic pipe, 7. Displacement indication error: ≤ ± 0.5% of indication value; Tee, opposite elbow, leak proof valve, ball valve, splay valve, through valve, common floor drain, floor drain for washing machine, raw tape

what are the hardware processing plants? What is hardware? It can be seen from the above article that there are many common hardware processing plants at present, among which Shenzhen noble Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. and stande Hardware Co., Ltd. are very famous in the design and production of hardware. Consumers need to pay special attention to the surface treatment of hardware when purchasing hardware. Good surface treatment can prevent rust

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