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The mission must be up to Shaohua, the striver to be an international Liugong

the mission must be up to Shaohua, the striver to be an international Liugong

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on the occasion of May 1st and May 4th youth day, chairman Zeng Guangan sent a message to all the strivers of international Liugong, and wished everyone a happy Labor Day and Youth Day

"I am confident that if I live for 200 years, I will be hit by water for 3000 miles." Struggle is the most beautiful language of life. Since the beginning of 2020, in the face of the sudden epidemic examination, Liu workers have adhered to customer orientation and mission, launched the "double battle" of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation with "extraordinary timing and extraordinary strategies", and worked hard to achieve a good start in the first quarter. In the first quarter, under the environment of delayed release of industrial demand, Liugong's business performance "Rose" against the trend! The market share of loaders, excavators, bulldozers, rollers and other products has increased significantly, the market share of core products loaders has increased by 5 percentage points, and excavator products have entered the top three in the industry. These brilliant answers condense the hardworking energy, innovative and creative wisdom and the will to win of Liugong fighters

in April 2002, Liugong produced 899 loaders a month, creating an industry miracle. In the past April, we relay "899", and the excavator set a new record of 4500 sets per month. This is not only our reproduction of the "899" spirit, but also the inheritance and continuation of the "899" spirit

the vision of world-class enterprises depends on struggle to realize, and the sail of life ideals depends on struggle to raise. On behalf of the Party committee, the board of directors and the management of the company, I would like to pay tribute to the old leaders, seniors and all employees who once fought for "899" to enhance the safety of electric vehicles on the occasion of the grand festival of the working class and working people all over the world - "May 1st" International Labor Day and the youth day, which represents the patriotic, progressive, democratic and scientific "May 4th spirit"! Pay tribute to the suppliers, dealers and other partners who fight side by side with Liugong! Pay tribute to all the strivers of Liugong who are determined to forge ahead and fight for the cause of internationalization! Pay tribute to Liu Gong's 2019 "youth model", "worker star" and the pacesetter and pioneer in the "double campaigns" of fighting the epidemic and stabilizing growth

the "May Day" and "May 4th" every year are worthy of our commemoration, because they give us the rights and pride we should have as workers, and give the vast number of young people the history to dare to shoulder the national mission. Since the May 4th movement, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, generations of aspiring young people have written a series of touching Youth Music in the historical torrent of rejuvenating China with courage. 4. Open the counter box and seal

this year, we ushered in a hot may in the upsurge of "the first half of the year of the 'steady growth of the war epidemic to promote development'" labor competition. All workers of Liugong have strived for business goals, made contributions on the new journey, performed the spirit of struggle in the new era, and emerged a number of "youth models", "workers' stars" and pacesetters in the "double campaigns" of fighting the epidemic and stabilizing growth. We should send this medal of honor to the grassroots front line, to every pacesetter and model who can combine local advantageous resources, Let you feel the value of life created from the practice of your job, and let everyone learn from and keep pace with the pacesetters

only when it is difficult, can we show courage; Only by sharpening, can we achieve success. Since its establishment in 1958, Liu Gongren has actively participated in the great practice of revitalizing the national equipment manufacturing industry with a posture of hard work, creating industry legends one after another. Labor creates the world, and struggle makes great achievements. Standing at the beginning of the third decade of this century, the next decade is an era of innovation, change and integration. The global and Chinese construction machinery industry is undergoing important changes, adding more mysteries and variables to the development of the industry, which also means more opportunities and challenges. For Liu Gong, this will be a "best era". All the strivers of Liugong's internationalization cause should continue to adapt to and lead the industry reform with the attitude of "mission must be achieved", serve global customers with high quality, and build an international Liugong

-- on the road of struggle, we should always adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China and earnestly embody the party's progressiveness in post practice. Today's world is facing great changes that have not been seen in a century. The situation is changing, the tasks are changing, and our actions should keep pace with the times. We should consciously integrate the patriotism, ambition to strengthen the country, and serving the country as a member and employee of a national equipment manufacturing enterprise into Liugong's international cause, take the initiative to act, live up to our mission, and live up to our youth. We should unswervingly listen to the party and follow the party. Under the strong leadership of the party, we should do a good job as a "screw" in our jobs, be dedicated, continue to learn, constantly develop the progressiveness of the working class, constantly improve the leadership, forging and execution of the management team, as well as the combat effectiveness and cohesion of all employees, and test the effectiveness of the work of the party organization and the combat effectiveness of the party members with business results

-- on the road of struggle, we should continue to inherit the "899" spirit and develop the new connotation of corporate culture in the new era. "Work is based on ambition, and industry is based on diligence." It is precisely because of the creation of labor that we have a glorious history; It is also because of labor creation that we have a country covering more than 140 countries and regions around the world. We earnestly call for big data of composite materials to share the cause of platform internationalization. Liu Gong's 62 years of passion and pursuit of entrepreneurship have left us precious spiritual wealth and the spirit of model workers who "love their jobs, strive for first-class, work hard, dare to innovate, indifferent to fame and wealth, and willing to contribute". Relay "899", let Liugong "899" spirit burst out a strong voice of the new era, and everyone is a participant, striver and witness of Liugong's internationalization. Great undertakings cannot be separated from a "work". We should make labor the most glorious, the most noble, the greatest and the most beautiful become a common practice, and cultivate the new connotation of enterprise culture in the new era

-- on the road of struggle, we should always carry forward the spirit of innovation and reform, and promote the implementation of Liugong's "three complete strategies". We should unswervingly take the reform of state-owned enterprises and technological innovation as the foundation, take product technology, quality and customer service as the main direction, promote the implementation of the "three comprehensive" strategic layout, actively promote the group's mixed ownership reform and business strategic reform, and constantly stimulate the vitality and innovation momentum of enterprises; Accelerate the application research and development and market promotion of new technologies such as intelligence, industrial interconnection, big data and new energy, promote the application of comprehensive solutions of products and technologies to industry customers, and continue to create value added for customers. We should constantly improve the competitiveness of construction machinery and prestressing technology in the global market, accelerate the development of modern agricultural equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology, and build Liugong into a leading brand providing intelligent construction machinery products and services to customers all over the world

-- on the road of struggle, we should always pay attention to human development and build a talent team that matches the realization of the company's strategy. Innovation and change are the theme of the new era. We should vigorously advocate the spirit of craftsmanship, strengthen the construction of craftsman teams in large countries, continue to cultivate key skilled talents, deliver high-quality and high-quality high-tech blood for enterprises in the new era, and create exquisite craftsmanship for customers; Strengthen the professional capacity-building of technicians and professionals, cultivate outstanding engineers and design masters, and achieve professional products and services with professionalism and professional skills. We should pay attention to the training of young talents, increase the training and use of young cadres, and continue to promote the youth training and growth plan, so that Liu Gong's strength will continue to grow. Continue to strengthen the leadership training of the management team, and be determined to become the leading force to promote the implementation of the company's strategy with the spirit of mission

the strivers of international Liugong

"where there is a will, there is a way." Liugong with global competitiveness is the common cause of all Liugong workers. We should enhance our sense of historical mission and sense. With the persistent belief of "the yellow sand wears the golden armor in a hundred battles, and does not break the building orchid, it will not return", we should be brave to be an enterpriser, pioneer and devotee to the internationalization of Liugong, dare to have dreams, dare to pursue dreams, be diligent in fulfilling dreams, fight for Liugong's dreams, fight for the strategic goals of the company, and be a striver for the internationalization of Liugong, Be a dream chaser on the new long march

happy Labor Day and Youth Day

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