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Mitsubishi announced the development of a new injection molding machine

recently held the 2014 Japan International Plastics "it is by far the thinnest and strongest material machinery exhibition in nature" (ipfjapan) In, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plastics technology company announced the development of a new injection molding machine. The machine can add glass fiber, carbon fiber and other fibers at the moment of forming, and can form with a long fiber length

it is reported that to perform injection molding with long fibers, the traditional method is to use resin particles mixed with long fibers as molding materials. The injection molding machine developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plastics this time uses resin particles without reinforcing fibers. At the stage of melting the particles in the molding machine, fiber bundles as reinforcing fibers are added, which saves the process of manufacturing long fiber particles and greatly reduces the material cost

to avoid major accidents, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plastics will add a mechanism for mixing fibers to the existing injection molding machine "EM" series, and prepare original shaped screws to launch new products. The strength of the molded products made by the newly developed molding machine is the same or higher than that of the original long fiber particles. The resin used is polypropylene and polyamide, and the fiber can be glass fiber and carbon fiber, which can be used for the molding of large components such as the rear door inner panel, instrument panel, fuel tank cover, fender and roof of automobiles

help enterprises solve difficulties. The company said that this injection molding machine will be launched in the near future

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