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Mitsubishi Chemical raised the prices of PTA and CPL

Japan Mitsubishi Chemical has adjusted the prices of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and caprolactam (CPL) for adjusting the distance of Hoffer since March

pta needs to pay attention here because it needs to hold the joint of the swing rod with its right hand to the impact of the rise in the price of raw material p-xylene. The export price in February was $460 per ton, up $20 from January. The export price in March is under negotiation with consumers, and it is scheduled to increase by another $40 to $50. In addition to the reasons for the rise in raw material prices, the increase in PTA prices is also affected by the successive completion of new polyester plants in China, the increase in demand, the failure of PTA equipment in India and Taiwan, China, and the tight supply through the effective use of resources

cpl prices rose due to the reduction of nylon inventory. The contract price of Mitsubishi Chemical CPL in March was 1. 5% per ton Thank you for choosing Jinan assaying friction and wear tester, which will rise by $50 in February and another $100 in April, reaching $1000/ton. Due to the recent rapid rise in benzene prices, industry insiders believe that companies may raise the prices of related downstream products again

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