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Mitel micontact center all media contact center drives digital customer experience

in today's digital age, customers are more proficient in technology than ever before. The rapid development and ubiquitous emerging technologies have brought great changes. These changes are reflected in how customers get in touch with your enterprise on the one hand, and what customers expect from your service on the other hand. Although voice communication still accounts for a large part of the contact center consultation mode, the growth has stabilized; At the same time, more and more customers rely on digital communication, such as e-mail, SMS, online chat and social media

the challenge facing enterprises is that no matter what contact method customers choose, they should be able to provide the same timely and accurate information about the customer experience they want as in the previous

the key business driver leading the development of digital customer interaction is the changing ease of use of technology. In a very short period of time, the device on hand of the final customer has changed from a cumbersome device with only voice function to a powerful intelligent device, equipped with SMS, complete Internet access and various social media applications

customers have the ability to communicate immediately and have the freedom to interact with the enterprise in the way they choose. Word of mouth marketing exerts a broader influence through social media stations, online forums and blogs, and positive or negative customer experiences can be spread in a few minutes. Therefore, enterprises must consider providing the same standard of customer service and experience on all media in addition to voice interaction

we will use actual data to prove that:

90% of consumers will visit the station before sending email or calling the company (source: synthetix)

25% of consumers will use one or two channels when seeking customer service, 52% of consumers will use three or four channels (source: ovum)

63% of consumers say they are more likely to return to the station that provides real-time chat (source: Forrester)

79% of customers who have a negative experience of a company will tell others about this experience (source: Harris Interactive)

digital customer experience has changed from industry buzzwords and optional functions to indispensable functions, There are mature use cases and quantifiable results in organizations of all sizes in different vertical industries around the world. The commercial value of digital communication channels is very obvious, and whether it can be used has become a watershed in competition. If you don't provide customers with a convenient way to do business with you, your competitors will

the multi-channel, all media contact center solution can improve customer satisfaction by providing a flexible way for customers to communicate with enterprises, expand your business scope to cover existing and potential customers, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operating costs and the cost of each interaction. Most importantly, it brings a competitive advantage to enterprises and attracts customers to buy more products

mitel micontact center all media contact center solution enables you to distinguish different businesses of your enterprise by Hierarchical Authorization for customers, contact center customer service representatives, team leaders, and even system administrators

function list

for customers

automatically route e-mail/fax, social media, online chat and SMS, and create an excellent customer experience

provide feature rich online chat on various devices (browsers across computers, mobile devices and tablets), bringing flexibility to customers

provide the estimated waiting time of various media and queues, So that customers can make wise decisions on how to contact your enterprise

convenient and automated self-service function for daily customer interaction

provide online chat support for screen reading applications (jaws and ndva), and facilitate visually impaired users

for customer service representatives,

unified desktop/online client can be used to handle various media types

promote and attract customer inquiries, Inquiries come from multimedia queues and skill based Multimedia Routing

standard and unified response templates provide a faster and consistent customer experience

for customer service supervisors,

sophisticated and easy-to-use real-time and historical reporting functions, Including native support for windows8 tablets and other tablet devices through VMware view

customizable real-time alarms and alarm thresholds

historical report planning and regular distribution

for administrators

visual, drag and drop user interface for multimedia routing, including automatic replies to self-service

support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 Gmail (using Google Apps for business) and IBM notes

are closely integrated with mivoice Enterprise Edition and micollab

provide independent non voice support for Microsoft lync, mivoice 5000 and non mitel deployments

integrate with third-party social media monitoring solutions (such as bizvu social, tracker and imoody)

livelook integration, Provide third-party co browsing support

flexible customer experience

mitel micontact center multimedia allows customers to interact with the contact center through their selected media (whether voice, email, fax, social media, Internet chat or multimedia self-service *). This proactive and convenient experience turns customers into word-of-mouth marketers and for-profit social media. Micontact center multimedia can even integrate with third-party social media monitoring solutions (such as bizvu social, tracker and imoody), and can selectively integrate with livelook to achieve third-party co browsing support, thus transforming social media into a two-way customer participation channel

through micontact center's multimedia chat function, enterprises can provide end users with a rich user experience on various devices. Whether customers contact you through computers, mobile devices or tablets, they can get a seamless user experience, and their queries can be processed in real time. Not only do you take your own assets as

micontact center multimedia contains a completely customizable contact template, which allows enterprises to easily display various contact information on the enterprise station and publish the estimated waiting time of various media and queues. This not only gives customers the flexibility to choose which media to contact you, but also allows customers to make wise and informed decisions, because they can quickly understand which media can get the fastest answer. The contact us tab can be easily customized by internal network developers. If you don't have personnel with appropriate skills, you can use mitel professional services to ensure that the contact us tab matches your corporate brand identity and includes the contact information you want to provide to customers

seamless customer service experience

with micontact center multimedia, not only customers, but also customer service can get a seamless experience between various media channels. The contact center agent uses the miteligite client, which can be used both on the desktop and on the Internet. It is a single application, "designed to handle various digital customer interactions. On the ignite client, agents can receive multimedia inquiries through a routing algorithm similar to ACD (such as the agent with the longest idle time or the agent with the most skilled skills). They can also view the waiting contacts in the queue and dynamically select the response

customer service can get all kinds of tools they need from the ignite client. They can join/leave the customer service group, set no disturb and busy or cancel the settings, and can also request the help of the supervisor. They also have a real-time monitor view, which can quickly view their personal performance, the performance of agents and the queues working with them in the contact center

real time management

through the introduction of multimedia by relevant experts in micontact center, supervisors can freely use many real-time monitoring and historical reports to help them measure and manage the digital customer experience. They can view the real-time activities of the contact center through various monitors and dashboards, further analyze the performance of multimedia customer activities through historical charts and reports, reproduce the previous multi-channel experience with the audit function, predict the agent requirements of the multimedia contact center, and use mitel's personnel deployment application software to build an intelligent work plan through prediction

email workflow routing example

simplify it management

micontact center multimedia includes single point configuration and management of all contact center devices and multimedia routes. Contact center administrators and managers can use the familiar drag and drop interface similar to Microsoft Visio to quickly and easily create a highly flexible integrated routing workflow for various media, including multi-channel self-service functions such as automatic reply. This ensures a streamlined and consistent routing experience for customers on various channels

miteignite unified desktop application software for all media (PC desktop or page based)

micontact center multimedia is based on an open infrastructure, which can use IMAP and SMTP to realize the interoperability of e-mail servers, provide seamless integration for your existing infrastructure, or let you choose the e-mail server that best suits your needs

micontact center multimedia can now:

as a tightly integrated voice and multimedia, because the above necessary conditions are expensive body solutions, which are provided to customers running micontact center enterprise and mivoice enterprise platforms and micollabuc solutions

as an independent non voice multimedia solution, Available to customers running the following applications:

- micontact Center for Microsoft Skype (or lync)

- micontact centeracp (for mivoice 5000)

- any third-party call control solution

Advanced Integration of mitelmicontact Center multimedia with mivoice enterprise, micollab and Skype for business/lync (optional) eliminates business islands, And make full use of your existing investment in infrastructure

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