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Professor MIT's max tegmark JDD conference blockbuster speech: how to use AI to make me

Professor MIT's max tegmark JDD conference blockbuster speech: how to use AI to make me

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original title: Professor MIT's max tegmark JDD conference blockbuster speech: how to use AI to make me

on November 20, by JD group Digital Technology Co hosted the jdd-2018 global Explorer conference, which was grandly held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. Celebrities from the five circles of science and technology, industry, finance, academia and investment gathered on the scene to talk about digital technology. Max tegmark, a professor of Massachusetts Institute of technology and the author of the best-selling book "life 3.0" in the field of artificial intelligence, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech on the theme "how to use artificial intelligence makes us stronger, rather than being subdued"

max tegmark is a lifelong professor in the Department of physics of Massachusetts Institute of technology, an authoritative expert in the field of artificial intelligence in the world, and the founder of the Institute of future life. The organization brings together more than 8000 top AI experts in the world, including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Larry Page

talking about artificial intelligence and the future of mankind, Max tegmark said in his speech that the power of technology is quite powerful. In the future application of artificial intelligence, it should be noted that "don't let technology subdue us, but empower us"

the following is the full text of Max tegmark's live speech:

the theme of my speech today is technology. The development of technology does bring us some negative effects, but we should also see that many technologies are positive. A very good metaphor is to compare AI to launching rockets. If you want to make AI very powerful and have a good result, strong motivation alone is not enough. We must grasp the direction well and know how to apply it. As for the development of artificial intelligence, I think we should think about at least three aspects


first of all, it is the problem of development motivation. Artificial intelligence is a kind of intelligence, not a biological thing, which is essentially information processing. We used to see robots can't walk, but now they can even jump; We didn't have autonomous vehicle before, but now we have self flying Rockets; In the past, artificial intelligence could not recognize faces. Now they can even generate faces and simulate faces; In the past, AI could not defeat us in go. Alphago played chess with humans and defeated humans

in other words, we used to do more abstract research on artificial intelligence, but now it has penetrated into our lives. For example, the application of artificial intelligence in medicine makes it even better than human doctors, which can better diagnose various diseases and save more lives. For an aging country like China, artificial intelligence may also play a more important role in supporting the elderly and meeting the challenges of food contact with household appliances under the new national standard. In other words, AI has been well applied in many aspects, all of which are positive changes and progress brought about by AI

we have made a lot of positive progress in artificial intelligence, but we still face many problems

for another example, if the sea level is represented by artificial intelligence, the ability of artificial intelligence will continue to grow with the change of climate and the rise of sea level. However, in the face of the rise of sea level, we must also be careful to consider how much the sea level will rise and whether it will submerge all the land. Thinking about the development of artificial intelligence, that is to consider whether artificial intelligence will replace all human work? What can artificial intelligence do

many people say don't be afraid, because people can beat AI and do a lot of work. Some people also believe that artificial intelligence can do better than people, and can further create more advanced artificial intelligence. Therefore, artificial intelligence will be stronger in the future. That is to say, AI can evolve itself, improve more and more, and finally become super AI

is super artificial intelligence science fiction or a topic that should be taken seriously?, One of my colleagues believes that general AI will take centuries to happen, while another friend of Google said that super AI will come earlier than expected

so the final question is, what will happen when super AI comes? If machines can do everything and labor costs are lower, what is the use of people? There may be only one choice left for mankind, that is, just build machines


therefore, we should consider the development direction of artificial intelligence, which is the second point of our rocket launch metaphor. That is, after the rocket has power, we must consider its future flight direction

the main topic of the Institute for the future of life, an organization I initiated, is to think about how countries should develop in the direction of artificial intelligence. Personally, I like technology very much. I am optimistic about technology. But I think the premise of technological development is that people should grow synchronously with technology. Many things in our life are invented based on bad lessons. For example, when talking about fire, we invented fire extinguishers; Had a car accident, and then invented traffic lights, seat belts, and so on. From the perspective of scientific progress, we still need to make technology powerful, but we must learn from technology

for example, we should actively consider the development of super artificial intelligence. Some people say that super artificial intelligence is not a good thing, but I don't think it must be harmful, but we should do a good job in "safety engineering". The so-called "safety engineering" means that we should prepare for the worst. For example, before launching the satellite, we should consider what problems may occur during the whole process of launching the satellite, otherwise, what will people do in the sky after the launch

the development direction of technology is a global problem that no country can avoid or solve alone. But I think China can play a more important role in this regard and guide the world in the right direction of AI development. On the one hand, China has technology, on the other hand, China has culture. At the technical level, China is already a very leading country in artificial intelligence. Chinese leaders also attach great importance to the development of artificial intelligence. I understand that has been leading the industry in technology development. But at the same time, we must consider the security of artificial intelligence. In this regard, China is a country with an ancient civilization and has a long-term vision. Therefore, China can help the world set a globally agreed goal

in January 2017, my Institute for the future of life put forward a 23 principles for the development of artificial intelligence - asiloma principles of artificial intelligence. In our development principles, we believe that in the development of artificial intelligence, on the one hand, we must resolutely avoid the competition of weapons, because from a technical point of view, weapons can protect people on the one hand, and harm people on the other. When we develop artificial intelligence, we must avoid their harm to people

another important principle of asiloma's AI principle is that the development of AI should bring income growth and improve people's quality of life. At present, most of us believe that artificial intelligence can drive the economy to grow significantly. We don't know how far it will grow. Anyway, many people can benefit from it. Should AI also consider the issue of "safety engineering"? For example, when using artificial intelligence to make basic decisions, we should ensure the credibility of its decisions. So this requires the development of artificial intelligence to consider the value alliance. What does value alliance mean? Take super artificial intelligence as an example. We invented super artificial intelligence. We must let it understand our goals, agree with our goals, and maintain our goals, so as to ensure that the direction is not wrong


what is our goal? This is the third point in the rocket launch example I just mentioned. The rocket has power and direction, but where is its goal

at present, few people talk about the development goal of artificial intelligence. Because all AI development goals are short-term goals and commercial goals. The last and most important principle of asiloma artificial intelligence principle of our Institute for the future of life is that super artificial intelligence must help mankind before it should continue to develop. The Chinese president once proposed to build a community with a shared future for mankind, which is highly consistent with our principles. Because the power of artificial intelligence is so powerful that when it develops to a certain stage, it will either make us succeed together or let us destroy together. So we should look at this problem from a higher perspective. First of all, all countries should jointly develop artificial intelligence, but we must have a long-term vision and consider risks. Otherwise, this is likely to be the biggest mistake in human history, which will even bring unprecedented disasters on the whole planet, and even lead to the extinction of mankind. In order to avoid the worst result, we need global cooperation to solve the problem of artificial intelligence "safety engineering", which may bring us a better future

in a word, my attitude towards the development of artificial intelligence is very positive. Only the principle of development should be that as a sheet reinforcement filler, technical illite powder has both incremental and modified effects. The technology should not exceed the power of our human beings. Finally, artificial intelligence should be allowed to empower us. This is the right direction of development

about jdd-2018 global Explorer conference:

jdd-2018 global Explorer conference was held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on November 20. The competition of the same name with a total prize of 2.2 million yuan was officially launched on the same morning. The conference was jointly hosted by JD group and JD digital technology, with KDD China as the academic guidance unit and the Young Entrepreneurs Committee of APEC China Business Council as the support unit. The conference aims to connect the five circles of science and technology, industry, finance, academia and investment, build a globalized and open platform, and jointly explore the way of digital science and technology innovation and the way of digital upgrading of the real economy

compared with the first conference last year, the scale of this JDD conference reached a new high. Nearly 3000 guests from government departments, financial institutions, investment institutions, large enterprises and scientific research institutions, including 400 industry celebrities, attended the conference. Chen Shengqiang, CEO of digital technology, Zhang Chen, chief technology officer of group, and more than 30 heavyweight guests talked about the future development trend of digital technology at the conference, including pan Yunhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and former executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Li Defa, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of the school of animal science and technology of China Agricultural University, and Massachusetts Institute of technology

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