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Mitsubishi Chemical plans to cooperate with Sasol to produce and sell acrylic acid

according to overseas media reports, Mitsubishi Chemical Company of Japan and Sasol company of South Africa recently signed a cooperation agreement to jointly produce and sell acrylic acid and derivatives

it is reported that the two sides plan to invest 50% each to set up a sales company in Singapore in December this year, responsible for exports to China and Southeast Asia. In addition, the cotton fields in some areas have been seriously polluted. The two companies will invest 50% each to establish another joint venture to be responsible for the construction and management of the following production units in South Africa: 80000 T/a acrylic acid unit, 80000 T/a n-butyl acrylate unit, 35000 T/A ethyl acrylate unit and 10000 t/a high-purity acrylic acid unit. These devices 3 The measuring principle of the tension machine is expected to be completed and put into operation in December 2003

Mitsubishi said that in the next few months and months, this agreement will help it strengthen its position in the global acrylic acid market

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