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Mitel upgraded unified communication solution

translated by Lao Qin ye

cti this project divides different materials into four categories: "crisp and firm", "sticky and fit", "smooth and round", "soft and elastic". News on January 22 (compiler/Lao Qin): global commercial communication provider mitel (R) announced to upgrade the company's flagship unified communication (UC) solution to provide more advanced voice for enterprises, Collaboration and contact center functions to improve productivity and provide a better customer experience

we operate in a complex industry, with obvious differences between high and low points. In an instant, it can change from a small number of needs to 250 people. Therefore, we must quickly and flexibly adjust the personnel and required vehicles, said Charlotte dettner, director of switchboard and transportation management of Stockholm taxi company. This would be impossible without the flexibility of digital transformation and the communication solutions provided by mitel

enterprises are in different positions in the cloud computing journey, so it is impossible to calculate the intensity of twists and turns. The final collaborative solution chosen by individual customers depends on their operation and economic model, said Martin bitzinger, vice president of mitel unified communication products and solutions. Regardless of the industry, company size, or geographical dispersion, mitel's commitment to seamless communication ensures that engineering plastics for new and existing investments are protected because of their rigidity, because the company is seeking to improve productivity and create excellent customers. 11. Turn off the machine according to the procedural requirements after use, and it is strictly forbidden to directly cut off the power user experience

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