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Missoda paper company extends the shutdown time

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offset paper factory in brennade, Minnesota began to shut down for one month from November 1 in the three months ending at the end of December, and the shutdown time may be extended according to market conditions. The factory's No. 6 paper machine with an annual output of 108000 tons has reduced production.

Company President Alexander said: under the deteriorating situation of Shaanxi market, we can only suspend production until the paper market shows signs of recovery, or Wait until we have a financial plan to support the development of the factory. Since its start in March last year, Mibo has been able to realize the functions of automatic data storage, processing, printing and dynamic playback of experimental process. Soda Paper Co., Ltd. has encountered the situation of deteriorating market prices

the factory was originally owned by potlatch company, which was later acquired by some investors and renamed missoda paper company. The company has two uncoated offset paper machines with an annual output of 180000 tons

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