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Mitsubishi Chemical high performance packaging materials enter China

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Co., Ltd. (MCHC) announced in Shanghai on November 17 that it would launch high-performance packaging materials and technical solutions to China through the new project office of Mitsubishi Chemical (China) Trading Co., Ltd., so as to meet the needs of China's food and medical fields for high-performance packaging materials market. On November 18, Mitsubishi Chemical held a Chinese packaging materials customer technical exchange seminar and product exhibition in Shanghai

it is reported that Shanxi Juhua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. produces and operates new materials and catalysts for aluminum based catalytic carriers. Mitsubishi Chemical is a leading supplier of synthetic resin raw materials for this purpose, with five categories of general-purpose resins, engineering plastics, high-performance resins and their processed products. The company can provide 3-7 layers of flexible packaging film and hard packaging such as cups, bottles and hoses according to customers' needs for multi-layer packaging materials. Recently, it has successfully developed and concentrated policy resources to accelerate the realization of engineering and industrialization to produce 9 layers of flexible packaging film. These high-performance composite products are widely used in automotive, electrical, chemical, machinery, instruments and other industries. They have high air tightness and the function of blocking external gases, and can be widely used as packaging materials

ichihiko ikemoto, general representative of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in China, said that although the current world economy is affected by the financial crisis, they are very optimistic about the Chinese market. Its goal is to develop the global market of high-performance packaging materials with China as the first place. At present, the market demand for packaging materials in China has expanded rapidly. Considering the safety, hygiene, easy opening and other practical and environmental protection issues of the packaging objects, it is expected that the demand for high-performance packaging materials will increase in the future

Mitsubishi Chemical is the first comprehensive chemical company in Japan, with a global turnover of US $2.93 billion in 2007. The company focuses on functional commodities, health care products and chemical products to carry out business around the world. At present, it has 44 branches in China, including 17 production plants, 14 sales agencies and 2 development centers

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