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Jingmen household paper quality and sanitation survey

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core tips: tissue paper, toilet paper, handkerchief paper... These paper products are collectively referred to as household paper, which are widely used in daily situations such as home, meals and accommodation where they are wrapped with two layers of carbon fiber outside the central ultra light nuclear structure, Become an indispensable consumption rigid demand

[China Packaging News] tissue paper, toilet paper, handkerchief paper... These paper products are collectively referred to as household paper, which are widely used in daily situations such as home, dining, accommodation, etc., and become an indispensable consumption need to avoid blocking the valve or scratching the cylinder piston. Recently, CCTV's weekly quality report reported that Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision conducted supervision and spot checks on tissue paper and toilet paper products, and found many unqualified problems, such as insufficient contents and excessive bacteria. So, are these problematic products hidden in Jingcheng? How about the quality of household paper of Jingmen people in Hubei Province? In recent days, we have conducted visits and investigations

no unqualified brands released by CCTV have been found in the urban market.

this time, Jiangsu Province started the experimental machine again to measure accurate values, and supervised and spot checked 162 batches of tissue paper and toilet paper, including 88 batches of tissue paper and 74 batches of toilet paper. The test results showed that there were 35 batches of unqualified samples, including 13 batches of tissue paper, such as "meijiaxin", "Meile", "yinsijie" and "Shunan", which was the biggest problem found in this supervision and random inspection; Three batches of tissue paper samples of "Melo", "Yufeng" and "Jielian" were detected to contain portable fluorescent brighteners, and the dust degree was also unqualified; The total number of bacterial colonies of five batches of toilet paper, including "Friends of the skin", "shuangyidian" and "double Panda", exceeded the standard, and they were all produced from recycled raw materials; There are also some samples with the phenomenon that the production enterprises falsely mark the product grade

the tissue paper mentioned above, that is, paper extraction, is mostly used for wiping the hands, mouth, face and other parts. Toilet paper is usually toilet paper

investigations were conducted in the retail and wholesale markets such as supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and Jingmen agricultural products trading center in the urban area, and these published unqualified household paper were not found

Jingmen large supermarkets mostly sell household paper of well-known brands such as Vida and xinxiangyin, while small supermarkets and wholesale markets sell a small number of well-known brands, mainly selling paper products processed or sub packaged by local enterprises in Jingmen, as well as products produced by enterprises in Wuhan, Yichang, Jingzhou and other places, and occasionally products from other provinces such as Sichuan and Guizhou

sampling inspection: some brands do have problems

the 35 batches of unqualified samples exposed by CCTV this time are mostly produced by Jiangsu local paper enterprises, and most of the sales channels are wholesale markets. Is there any problem with household paper in the urban area of Jingmen City? Some household paper of non famous brands with good sales volume were purchased in wholesale markets and supermarkets for sampling inspection

in terms of tissue paper, three types of tissue paper produced in Wuhan, Jingzhou and Chengdu were selected, with the price of 1.7-2 yuan/bag, and the outer package was marked with 400, 390 and 330 tissue paper

it is worth noting that these internal volume labels have "hidden rules". For example, marking 330 sheets does not mean that consumers can extract 330 times, but only about 110 times, because each extracted paper towel is composed of three layers, but consumers generally do not cut a paper towel into three pieces for use, because each layer is as thin as cicada wings and cannot be used alone. Therefore, these seemingly "plump" interior volume labels are more like a promotional gimmick

unpack three bags of tissue paper and count the quantity. The result shows that: of the 390 tissue papers marked, 130 can be actually taken out, and the quantity is consistent based on three layers of each paper; Of the 330 tissue papers marked, 118 can be actually taken out, and the number exceeds 24 based on three layers of each paper; Of the 400 tissue papers marked, 130 can be actually drawn, 10 less. It can be seen that the contents of tissue paper on the market are not all up to standard

irradiate these three kinds of tissues with 365 band purple light, showing normal white light, no fluorescence reaction, and basically no impurities. It is understood that the color of tissue paper produced by recycled fiber is gray and dark, and there are usually residual ink spots of waste raw materials on the surface

after soaking in water, there is no obvious problem except that a kind of tissue paper is "unable to lift", and its strength is slightly poor

in the investigation, it was also found that some non-standard phenomena of household paper packaging and printing also exist, such as the enterprise name on the certificate of conformity is inconsistent with the enterprise name on the outer packaging, the product grade marking is ambiguous, and consumers cannot determine whether the product is qualified or first-class, excellent, etc., resulting in purchase obstacles

as for whether there is tissue paper produced from recycled raw materials, whether there is tissue paper and toilet paper whose colony index exceeds the standard, it needs to be professionally identified by an authoritative organization. According to the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, there is no professional paper quality testing institution in Jingmen at present, and the testing involving paper quality needs to send samples to professional testing institutions in other places

toilet paper ≠ tissue paper, don't use it like this.

the most obvious difference between toilet paper and tissue paper is the purpose. However, the phenomenon of using toilet paper as tissue paper is very common, especially in some breakfast shops and small restaurants

four kinds of roll paper that are more popular with self-employed households such as restaurants, breakfast shops and small hotels were purchased in the commercial city and Duodao market respectively. The manufacturers are local enterprises in Jingmen, Yichang and Ningxia, all of which are coreless roll paper, and the prices are 9 yuan/15 rolls, 12 yuan/20 rolls, 14 yuan/20 rolls and 12 yuan/40 rolls respectively. There is an obvious gap between the quality of these papers and tissue paper

from the appearance, the product paper of 12 yuan/20 rolls and 12 yuan/40 rolls is generally gray, and the product bag wall of 12 yuan/40 rolls is stained with a lot of powder

irradiate these four kinds of rolls of paper with a 365 band purple light lamp. The whitest roll of paper, 9 yuan/15 rolls, shows a fluorescent reaction, refracts blue light as a whole, and the rest of the paper presents a white light without fluorescence. However, careful observation shows that there are small blue fluorescent particles on the paper surface of the white light, which is suspected to be a migratory fluorescent brightener, and there are more fluorescent particles in the product of 12 yuan/40 rolls

"in order to save costs, some hotel owners who open breakfast shops, snack bars, small 3, need to strengthen the team of XPS special committee and system construction like to buy these relatively cheap roll paper for customers to use, and there are discounts if they take more." During the unannounced interview, a boss engaged in the wholesale of household paper introduced. When asked whether these paper products were made from recycled raw materials, she said that now cheap roll paper is generally made from mixed pulp, that is, raw wood pulp is mixed with recycled pulp, so the appearance and quality are not too bad

according to the municipal health and family planning comprehensive supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau, the national health standards of tissue paper and toilet paper are different. Tissue paper directly contacts the face, and the state stipulates that the number of colonies per gram of tissue paper shall not be higher than 200 units. The requirements for toilet paper are relatively loose, and the number of colonies per gram of toilet paper is not more than 600 units, which is considered qualified

secondly, the national standard allows the use of recycled pulp to manufacture toilet paper, but the manufacture of tissue paper must use native pulp, that is, native wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, etc

in terms of chemical additives, tissue paper must be free of migratory fluorescent brighteners, while toilet paper does not have this requirement

therefore, the health department reminds citizens not to use toilet paper to wipe tableware, face, mouth, nose, etc., so as to avoid more and more "dirty", causing health risks

in addition, the toughness of toilet paper is weaker than that of tissue paper, which is easy to rush into the sewer in case of water. Replacing toilet paper with tissue paper is easy to cause sewer blockage

carefully buy cheap paper and carefully observe when selecting

as a consumable, household paper is a must for every family. In the past double 11, many buyers and housewives seized the opportunity to move back boxes and boxes of household paper. However, will you really choose qualified household paper

experts remind that when purchasing household paper, try to choose regular sales stores and paper products from regular manufacturers

pay attention to the outer packaging. Don't buy Sanwu products or bulk products. Check whether the name, address, etc. of the manufacturer are indicated on the paper packaging. Check whether the packaging label is clear and complete, and whether there is information such as shelf life, quality standards, raw materials, etc

pay attention to the paper. The paper made of primary pulp is made of plants, which is soft and delicate without black spots, has good toughness and is not easy to break. The products made of recycled pulp are rough, with large pores, much wool dust, hard and loose. Toilet paper with low market retail price is generally impossible to be primary pure wood pulp

in September, Chongqing Shiyi product quality inspection Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the Municipal Department of industry and commerce to conduct sampling inspection on the more common brand paper products in the Jingmen market, such as cardiographic printing paper, Vida roll paper, bacteria removing wet wipes, Qingfeng small wrapping paper, etc., with a total of 13 batches of sampling inspection. The inspection items and executive standards are mainly logo gb/t, total number of fungal colonies gb/t, total number of bacterial colonies gb/t, phgb/t, Escherichia coli GB, etc. The results showed that all 13 batches of paper products were qualified

on November 10, the staff of Qujialing branch of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce received a complaint, saying that a number of merchants in the jurisdiction sold fake Vida paper products. After checking, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers found more than 80 pieces of Vida roll paper suspected of counterfeiting, and detained it according to law. They also criticized and educated the merchants who sold fake paper products and further investigated the source of fake paper products

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