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The end users of products are the main body and core of the market, and there is a considerable gap in the specific needs of different users. Therefore, understanding the demand characteristics, laws and development trends of users has become one of the main reference bases for businesses to formulate enterprise development strategies, new product research and development and market advertising plans

As a branch of the printing industry, silk screen special printing has developed rapidly. The printing of irregular materials and special materials makes people's life more colorful. Silk screen printing has become an indispensable part of promoting people's lives. At present, China's hemodialysis center can only serve about 20% of patients. Like the printing industry, the development of silk screen special printing industry in China lags behind foreign countries at this stage, but this gap will gradually narrow with the introduction of foreign technology and equipment and the independent research and development of domestic enterprises. Due to the large number of printable materials faced by silk screen special printing, there are also many types of silk screen special printing equipment. In order to more truly reflect the demand psychology and purchase behavior characteristics of screen printing special printing users, Huicong Industry Research Institute, based on Huicong screen printing special printing channel, conducted a questionnaire survey from nearly 500 large, medium and small users in various provinces and cities in China from May to July 2005. From the perspective of existing users of silk screen special printing, this paper mainly investigates the purchase types, brands, purchase considerations and use satisfaction of silk screen special printing equipment, and summarizes and analyzes the questionnaire result data. This report is composed of six parts, which are: 1. Category analysis of the interviewed users (samples); 2、 Analysis of the background information of the interviewed users; 3、 Analysis of the use of existing equipment of the interviewed users; 4、 Analysis of existing equipment brand and satisfaction; 5、 Potential equipment demand of the interviewed users; 6、 Analysis of the information acquisition channels of the interviewed users. The details of the report are as follows:

I. category analysis of the interviewed users (samples)

this equipment usually needs to be equipped with a certain number of other equipment as auxiliary or mechanical testing equipment during the experiment. A total of 482 valid samples were recovered from the investigation. From the analysis of the types of users, the interviewed enterprises accounted for 23.27% of the total sample, 21.78% of the total sample, and 14.85% of the total sample, Circuit board/film switch factory accounts for 6.44% of the total samples, toy/gift handicraft processing factory accounts for 5.45% of the total samples, packaging and printing factory accounts for 3.47% of the total samples, ceramic/glass printing factory accounts for 2.97% of the total samples, plastic products factory accounts for 2.48% of the total samples, and other users related to the use of silk screen printing equipment account for 12.38% of the total samples (see Figure 1). From the above data, it can be found that the silk screen special printing industry is currently mainly engaged in silk printing, clothing printing and the production of signs and cards, accounting for 60% of the total sample size of this survey

investigation report on the use and procurement needs of silk screen special printing equipment

II. Analysis of the background information of the interviewed users

1. Time engaged in printing and related industries

from the perspective of the respondents' working time, 35.85% of the interviewed enterprises have been working in the three major directors of the Ministry of industry and information technology: energy conservation, equipment, raw materials and other key areas for 5-10 years, and 21.38% of the interviewed enterprises have been working in 10-15 years, 13.84% of the surveyed enterprises have been in business for more than 15 years. The data shows that the silk screen printing industry is a relatively mature industry in development. The respondents generally have rich experience and rational thinking, so they also have a high standard demand for equipment, which will also put forward higher requirements for equipment manufacturers, thus promoting the development of the industry in a benign way

investigation report on the use and procurement needs of silk screen special printing equipment

2. The annual sales of the interviewed users

the sales scale of enterprises in the survey sample is relatively comprehensive, and large, medium and small enterprises have been investigated. In the survey sample, there are only two enterprises with annual sales of 5million, one with annual sales of 10million, and another with annual sales of 300million, accounting for a very small proportion of the sample, It shows that other small and medium-sized enterprises still have great room for development

investigation report on the use and procurement needs of silk screen special printing equipment

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