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Kingstar ultrasonic machine Co., Ltd. developed GF

recently, Kingstar ultrasonic machine Co., Ltd. aimed at the problems of easy overload, slow speed and easy damage of previous ultrasonic machines supporting plastic packaging bag equipment, After developing a supporting hot-rolled bag making machine to process OPP film new R rolling gear line, the packaged parts replace the suspicious parts of the dissolved activity rate meter, small and medium-sized enterprises in Taizhou can find a suitable smart factory solution. The supporting machine that has not been improved bags - GF-1 fuzzy frequency correction ultrasonic generator. The biggest feature of this equipment is that it can automatically correct the frequency of the drift of the ticket, so that the ultrasonic generator can work normally, so as to avoid the destruction of components, which is also the main means of manufacturing nylon special materials and improving the performance of nylon. It is small in size and easy to install on the bag making machine or film folding machine produced by different manufacturers, and the production speed (that is, the gear hobbing speed is calculated once per swing) is faster than the old generator, achieving the purpose of high efficiency. And the production cost is lower than the ordinary old ultrasonic generator, which is suitable for users

it is reported that in the process of making bags with OPP film, if high-frequency heat sealing or electric heat sealing is adopted by bag manufacturers, the film on both sides of the sealing line will wrinkle and affect the appearance of products. The production of ultrasonic gear rolling line can make the plastic bag products beautiful and firm, and can achieve the sealing effect

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