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Give full play to the financial function to ensure the healthy development of county economy

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on July 6, in Jiaxian Shengguang Medical Products Co., Ltd., with the roar of mask machines, packets of masks were constantly "born" from the assembly line, packed into boxes and transported to areas in urgent need. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, Shengguang Medical Products Co., Ltd. quickly restored its production capacity with the financial support of the government, and made great contributions to epidemic prevention

since this year, Jiaxian County Finance Bureau has played the role of an investment and financing platform and multi-channel financing. In addition to supporting medical companies to expand the production capacity of epidemic prevention materials, it has also solved the problems of infrastructure construction funds such as incorrect installation and circulation of national forest reserve land, artificial afforestation, relocation of county hospitals and so on

giving full play to the role of investment and financing platform is one of the financial functions. Since last year, the finance and taxation system of Jiaxian county has firmly established the idea of "living a tight life", adhered to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoted the implementation of various work with the main line of grasping income, promoting reform and benefiting the people's livelihood, spared no effort to ensure wages, operations and basic people's livelihood, and ensured the healthy development of the economy, society and various undertakings of the county

market players supported enterprises to resume production and reach production

in the first half of the year, Jiaxian County reduced the rent of wankelai Trading Co., Ltd. for two months, a total of 33000. "Although the discount is not much, it has reduced our burden to a certain extent and made us light. The concern of the government also makes me full of confidence in the future." Shi Hongjun, chairman of the company, said

after the outbreak of the epidemic, Jiaxian County Finance Bureau actively strive for the superior epidemic prevention and control guarantee funds, handle special affairs and emergencies, and open up a "green channel" for fund allocation to fully ensure the epidemic prevention and control work. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the Bureau conscientiously implemented the policies and regulations of provinces, cities and counties on supporting enterprises to develop and stabilize economic growth during the epidemic period, and went all out to support enterprises to resume work and reach production, so as to ensure the operation of market players and stabilize the economic fundamentals

data show that the County Finance Bureau implemented a total of 25.63 million tax cuts and fee reductions in January, benefiting 1626 enterprises; The rent of 6 small, medium-sized and micro enterprises renting state-owned assets for commercial use was reduced by 87000; Implement 683800 subsidy funds for job stabilization of 22 insured enterprises; We won 690000 and 300000 higher-level funds for 8 industrial enterprises and 16 Foreign Economic and trade enterprises respectively, which greatly reduced the burden on enterprises, stimulated market vitality and enhanced the potential for income growth

pay attention to tax collection and management to achieve a steady increase in fiscal revenue

"last year, the general public budget revenue of the county reached 967.82 million, a year-on-year increase of 9.6%; in the first half of this year, the general public budget revenue reached 558.8 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.6%." On July 6, xiaozhiju, Secretary of the party leading group and director of Jiaxian County Finance Bureau, introduced

paying attention to tax collection is the key to increase fiscal revenue. In recent years, Jiaxian county has used the three business systems of comprehensive fiscal and tax analysis, comprehensive tax information sharing and exchange platform and comprehensive tax information analysis to provide a scientific basis for tax collection and management through big data sharing applications, and has used the "kuangyuntong" information platform system to improve the efficiency of resource tax collection

at the same time, the county has set up seven leading groups to optimize the service work in the professional field of business environment, serve the development of enterprises by industries and fields, implement the tax reduction and fee reduction policies, standardize the tax collection and payment behavior of enterprises, strengthen the source control of financial bills, standardize the collection and payment behavior of non tax income, strictly prevent leakage, and realize the steady growth of financial revenue

on that day, near the rubber dam project in Jiaxian County, BEIRU River, the grass bank was green, the blue water rippled, and wild ducks swam. The rubber dam project is a cooperative (PPP) project between the county government and social capital parties, with a total investment of 240million. It can not only improve the ecology on both sides of the Ru River, but also provide water sources for urban and rural water transfer, water system construction and constant pressure irrigation. Based on this kind of situation, it can improve the quality and efficiency of the area, and has both social, economic and ecological benefits

in addition to PPP projects and investment and financing platforms, Jiaxian County Finance Bureau also actively strives for new government bond funds from higher levels. On the basis of 384million last year, it has won 508million in the first half of this year, providing financial support for major public welfare projects such as shanty town reconstruction, hospital reconstruction and relocation, and urban infrastructure

in terms of financial expenditure, Jiaxian County adheres to the people-centered principle, ensures and improves people's livelihood in development, and uses funds for livelihood projects such as education, health, culture, ecology, agriculture, urban and rural elderly care, the protection of vulnerable groups, and the construction of beautiful villages, so as to constantly supplement the shortcomings of people's livelihood and improve people's sense of gain, happiness, and satisfaction

in addition, Jiaxian county has continuously improved its financial management ability, continuously optimized its expenditure structure, and reduced general expenditure; Actively promote the disclosure of budget and final accounts, and standardize the disclosure of ISO 9001:2008 production standard manufacturing line of all budget units in the county government in accordance with the law and in a timely manner; To improve the operation process of government procurement and improve the efficiency of procurement, it was awarded the honorary title of the first "top 100 counties of national government procurement (annual)"

On July 6, in the Luhe agricultural ecological picking Park in Changqiao Town, Jiaxian County, the green fruit forest was out of sight, the red fruits bent the branches, and tourists came in an endless stream from all directions. "The garden business is good, and we can earn more by working here." Qin Guojun, a poor family, said while busy

Lvhe agricultural company integrates the planting, processing, sales and agricultural sightseeing of selenium rich functional agricultural products, covering an area of 2300 mu. It adopts the mode of "base + cooperative + poor households". By transferring the land of poor households and absorbing poor people to work, it has driven 76 poor households to stably get rid of poverty. It is an important poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation base in Jiaxian county. The national conditions of the two countries are very different

the company is a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization supported and cultivated by Jiaxian county. In recent years, the Jiaxian County Finance Bureau has effectively supported the fight against poverty by raising funds in various ways and scientifically allocating financial funds, continuously increasing the investment of financial funds and accelerating the payment of poverty relief funds

last year, Jiaxian county invested a total of 55.63 million financial special poverty alleviation funds, including 20.88 million central and provincial funds, 6.74 million municipal funds, and 28.01 million county financial supporting funds; A total of 54.39 million financial special poverty relief funds were paid throughout the year, with a payment rate of 97.8%. The payment rate of poverty relief funds ranked first in Pingdingshan City for three consecutive years

a drop of water wears a stone, not in a day. In the first half of this year, Jiaxian county finance has invested 57.4992 million financial special poverty alleviation funds for the county's infrastructure construction, Red Bull industry, rain and dew plan and poverty alleviation loan discount, laying a solid foundation for further consolidating the effectiveness of poverty eradication and achieving the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects on schedule

at the same time, Jiaxian county also adheres to the combination of "blocking hidden roads" and "building open channels", plays a key role in preventing and resolving major risks, and the government debt operates within a reasonable range; On the basis of 38.48 million yuan invested last year, another 34.508 million yuan was invested in the first half of this year to win the battle of pollution prevention and control

"This year is the closing year of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the 13th five year plan. We should adhere to the principles of 'zero base budget' and 'balance of revenue and expenditure, and act according to our capabilities' in accordance with the goals of building a county ecologically, strengthening industry, enriching culture and tourism, and invigorating the county through hard work, further improve the budget management system, strengthen the overall use of financial funds, resolutely win the' three key battles', actively do a good job in the 'six stability' work, and comprehensively implement the 'six guarantees' ’To promote the sustainable and healthy development of county economy. " Xiao Zhiju said

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