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During the Spring Festival, the number of gift boxes in garbage stations surged

during the Spring Festival, many citizens chose gifts with exquisite packaging for New Year greetings. Many citizens encountered the embarrassing situation of difficult recycling and disposal, which made citizens headache. According to the statistics of Nanjing Municipal Appearance Administration Bureau, the city produces about 4000 tons of garbage on average every day, and about 500 tons of garbage can be reused

excessive packaging has polluted food

Ms. He, who lives in Jiqingmen street, Nanjing, has been having a headache for the gift boxes given by her friends during the Spring Festival for the past two days. She told her friends that the gift boxes for the new year are very beautiful. There are dry goods gift boxes, meat gift boxes, and some fruit gift boxes in her home. The day before yesterday, someone came to Ms. He's house. Ms. He opened the "roasted pigeon gift box". A small roasted pigeon was first padded with foam and wrapped with two layers of plastic film. There was also a wooden box made of paint on the outside. A gift was put on the outside of the wooden box. Attention should be paid to inspecting various phenomenon bags in the four stages of the stretching process. When Ms. he fully opened it, she found that the roasted pigeon sent out a strange smell, which scared Ms. He not to bring the roasted pigeon to the table to entertain guests

Ms. He believes that although the roasted pigeons are packed in vacuum, these packaging materials include plastic and polluting chemical raw material packaging materials. Excessive packaging must pollute food. Not only that, the vacuum donkey meat and other food of Ms. He's family are packed layer by layer

gift packaging is a little "overblown"

around the Spring Festival, many beautifully made gift packages and decorations with good materials have become headache "beautiful garbage". It's useless to keep it and throw it away. It not only pollutes the environment, but also causes a lot of waste. Moreover, it overpacks a large number of remaining "skins", which is faced with the embarrassing situation of difficult recycling and disposal

many shopping malls and supermarkets in Nanjing can see that many citizens who are preparing to give gifts for the holiday are choosing those gift boxes with exquisite packaging. There are only two bottles of Baijiu in a box that looks the size of an ordinary computer host; While in a square box with the size of an ordinary computer screen, there are four boxes of black cut, white cut and other cakes, which weigh less than 2 kg. Some suspicious citizens even picked up the gift box and shook it twice to feel the weight first. One of the citizens said, "many gift packages are packed one layer after another, which makes people don't know what's inside. Sometimes it even makes people doubt whether the gift is worth money or the box is more valuable."

a waste buyer said that the recycling price of white wine bottles is 10 cents, and the price of beer bottles is 20 cents. As for the wooden box packaging and ceramic packaging of Baijiu, he generally doesn't accept it, because he can't sell it after receiving it

there are packaging boxes in the dustbin

yesterday morning, Grandma Li, who lives in Jinhong garden, threw several gift packaging boxes into the dustbin downstairs. "These packing boxes look very beautiful, but they are of little use at home. They still occupy a place and have to be discarded." It was found in the community that many used gift boxes were discarded in each dustbin, most of which were made of portable paper. Mr. Zhang, who works in a government agency, said that just around the new year, his family received more than 20 beautifully packaged gifts, most of which were thrown into the dustbin. A master who has been collecting junk in the community for a long time told me that after the Spring Festival, hundreds of kilograms of gift boxes were found in more than ten dustbins every day, fourorfive times more than usual

the "beautiful garbage" surges during the festival

Master Chen Darong, the garbage removal and transportation worker of Drum Tower sanitation station, said that every Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, national day and other festivals, garbage removal and transportation peaks will occur, and a considerable part of them are gift packaging, such as fruit baskets, tea leaf cans, wine boxes and so on

according to the statistics of Nanjing Municipal Appearance administration, the city has taken the lead in exploring the field of new energy vehicles, generating about 4000 tons of garbage a day and about 500 tons of garbage that can be reused. The Spring Festival is the peak period of garbage generation, in which the packaging garbage is several times higher than usual, and most of these garbage can not be reused. The packaging materials originally bought at a high price have become worthless at this time. Many consumers said that the purpose of giving gifts during the Spring Festival is to "save face". Under the "induction" of this consumption psychology, the popular exquisite gift "coats" on the market include plastic, pulp, rattan, metal, etc

reprinted from: Nanjing Morning Post

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