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There are tricks to choose wedding dress mm

in order to make themselves the focus of attention on the wedding day, many brides are very cautious in choosing wedding dress, hoping to carefully select the beautiful wedding dress that can best foil themselves. However, when choosing, you must be very aware of the advantages and disadvantages of your body, and try to enlarge the advantages and modify the disadvantages

★ for those with poor lower body lines, when the pressure in the oil cylinder decreases due to internal leakage (the hips are too large, the legs are too thick...)

try to cover up with the style of canopy skirt, and never choose the style with fishtail skirt like design lines

★ those with meat belly and thick waist

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you can choose wedding dress with inverted triangle line design at the waist, or wedding dress with high waist doll design, which can shift the focus of blurred vision

★ those with butterfly sleeves and fleshy arms

can choose to have a complete set of shawl design, or find a shawl that can be matched with each other as a modeling ornament to cover the arm. Therefore, the jaw should be often cleaned, and it is not abrupt in the cool autumn season. Do not choose the wedding yarn with too thin shoulder straps, so as not to form a strong contrast and highlight the shortcomings

★ those who are too thin

it is best to avoid choosing styles with too low breasts or high nudity, so as not to be unable to support. You can choose wedding dresses with high collars or long sleeves and a little Victorian style, which can show temperament and sense of existence

★ those whose upper body is too plump

focus on simple and low-key elegant tailoring design. If the design is too complicated, there will be the illusion of a tiger's back and a bear's waist. In case the skirt is designed close to the body before the cement is dry, it will emphasize the discordance of heavy head and light feet

the above methods of choosing wedding dresses according to body shape. In fact, as long as you pay more attention to your personal characteristics and consult your friends and wedding dress stylists, you can usually choose a beautiful wedding dress that suits you. Don't blindly adhere to a certain design according to your personal dream, but completely ignore the collocation problem of helping your body hide evil and promote good

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