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To play an exemplary role in the transformation and upgrading of backbone printing enterprises, we must first establish the concept of creating demand. Only by understanding the demand and creating services can we expand the market. For example, in the face of the improvement of global awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection has become the current trend, and the printing technology industry also needs to reform in response to environmental protection needs. Therefore, new needs and services such as environmental protection materials, green printing, and carbon footprint are also born. These new products and services due to market demand also provide higher profits

in addition, the popularity of digital media, cloud technology and roads has changed the habits of those who used to consume 25, experiment process, measurement, display, control, etc. automatically completed by the digital display system, driving the demand for new business models and services. Consumers are eager for the service mode of diversified channels, so the printing industry has also created business models to meet customers' needs from B2C, B2B, C2C to P2P, such as diversified publishing, cloud printing (W2P), personalized printing, combined printing, etc. These cross media services expand the field of printing operations, meet customer needs, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise itself, and develop green printing technology. What measures can staff take to maintain the tension machine technology, which has become the trend of the printing industry today

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