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An important strategic resource for the overall leap in productivity. We should deeply understand the great significance of accelerating the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, strengthen leadership, make good planning, clarify tasks, consolidate the foundation, promote its deep integration with economic and social development, and promote the healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence in China

at present, a new generation of artificial intelligence is booming all over the world. Driven by new theories and new technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, supercomputing, sensing, brain science, artificial intelligence technology has experienced explosive acceleration in both core technology and typical applications, and has shown new features such as deep learning, cross-border integration, human-machine collaboration, open swarm intelligence, autonomous control, etc, It not only injects new kinetic energy into economic and social development, but also profoundly changes people's way of production and life, including ethics, government governance and the future international political and economic pattern

in the process of the first three industrial revolutions, China missed these new technology waves and fell into an embarrassing situation of backward technological changes and stagnant economic development. In the 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economy and society have undergone unprecedented historical changes. At this moment, we are at the right time to usher in a new round of technological revolution. Seizing the opportunity of this round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform and taking advantage of it is the history of our generation and a powerful driving force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

at present, China's economy has shifted from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development. It is in the key period of transforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the growth power. It also urgently needs major innovations such as a new generation of artificial intelligence to increase its sustainability. In recent years, through its own efforts, the development of artificial intelligence in China has gradually walked out of a unique development path of demand-oriented leading business model innovation, market application forcing basic theory and key technology innovation, and its achievements are worthy of serious summary

however, we should also see that whether we can firmly grasp the opportunity of this new technological revolution and give full play to the "head goose" effect of artificial intelligence depends on scientific planning and strategic layout, on consolidating the foundation and collaborative innovation, on institutional supply and talent accumulation, on serving the public and expanding civil use. We still need to work harder in this regard

in fact, the application of any new technology is a "double-edged sword" that a glass bottle can well maintain the taste of beer. AI has the complex characteristics of multi tropics, cold regions and extreme cold regions, discipline integration, new technology integration and strong subversion. At present, it is still in the period of gestation and development. In this field, China and the world are almost at the same starting line, and there are not many mature paths to refer to. At present, all countries in the world, especially developed countries, will speed up the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence as an important strategic starting point to win the initiative of global science and technology competition, and the competitive situation is greater than the cooperative situation

for our country, we should be able to seize the commanding height in the field of artificial intelligence research and development and application, and win the initiative in the future global competition, and give full play to the "head goose" effect of artificial intelligence, that is, according to the general secretary, the first thing is to strengthen research and judgment and overall planning. We should deeply grasp the development laws and characteristics of artificial intelligence, strengthen the awareness of artificial intelligence as an important strategic resource to promote the leapfrog development of science and technology, industrial optimization and upgrading, and the overall leap of productivity in China, increase policy support, and form a working force. The second is to focus on basic research and enhance the ability of originality. We should bravely break into the "no man's land" at the forefront of AI technology, and strive to make revolutionary and disruptive breakthroughs in the development direction, theory, methods, tools, systems and other aspects of AI, so as to ensure that China's theoretical research in this important field of AI is ahead. Third, collaborative innovation and steady progress. We should focus on key core technologies, develop key common technology systems, and ensure that the key core technologies of artificial intelligence are firmly in our hands. The fourth is to strengthen the application and development of science and technology. We should closely focus on the needs of economic and social development, adhere to the demand-oriented and market-driven scientific and technological development path, actively cultivate AI innovative products and services, promote the industrialization and service of AI technology, promote the deep integration of AI with the same, secondary and tertiary industries, promote the transformation of various industries with AI technology, and promote the deep application of AI in people's daily work, study and life, Create a more intelligent way of working and living

at the same time, we must also deeply study the potential risks that the development of artificial intelligence may bring, effectively safeguard the interests of the people and national security, ensure that artificial intelligence is safe, reliable and controllable, and ensure that the "head geese" effect of artificial intelligence is not biased. We should deeply study the laws, ethics and social issues related to artificial intelligence, and establish and improve the laws and regulations, institutional systems, ethics and morality to ensure the healthy development of artificial intelligence. In this regard, we should have a broad mind, actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with countries in technology exchange, data sharing, application market, etc., share the development opportunities of digital economy, make artificial intelligence develop in a direction beneficial to mankind, and jointly promote artificial intelligence to benefit mankind. (: Tanghua)

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