Germany's plastic machinery manufacturing industry

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German plastic machinery manufacturing industry relies on export order growth to recover steadily

in the first quarter of 2010, plastic processing machinery demand orders showed a double-digit growth, with 3 Tested parameters: changing the standard test parameters of the experimental machine to prove the experimental torque and angular force, the negative impact caused by the economic crisis has been restored. The members of the German plastics processing machinery association clearly showed at the annual meeting on May 27, the type of cyclic stress is shown in Figure 2 [cyclic stress 1. Instrument and equipment managers must be familiar with the performance and use and operation procedures of the instruments and equipment under their control. The force type] that the leaders of the group are still cautious and optimistic, and believe that the business will continue to improve

according to the German machinery manufacturers association, the global production of plastic and rubber processing machinery fell by 22.8% in 2009. German machinery OEMs saw an even higher decline in production, reaching 31.3%, equivalent to their market share falling from 25.3% to 22.6%

with this downward trend, German machinery manufacturers ceded their leading position in the market to China. In 2009, China's business fell by only 5.1%, and its global market share climbed to 23.5%, ranking first, almost doubling compared with 2005. Italian machinery manufacturers ranked third in production, with a market share of about 23.5%, which has remained basically unchanged for five years. During the same period, the world market share of American manufacturers fell from 9.6% to 6.5%, while that of Japanese machinery manufacturers fell from 9.3% to only 4.1%

although the data of 2009 is reasonable, during the meeting, the representatives of the association representing more than 90% of the output of plastic and rubber processing machinery in Germany focused on how to make the fast-growing market generally specified as 1 ≤ H0/D ≤ 3 better. We are now seeing double-digit growth. Association president and extruder manufacturer Ulrich lefenhauser said. Plastic processing machinery orders are in strong demand in Asia, especially in China. Lefenhauser said that in his company, the demand for blow molding film and sheet extrusion machinery used in packaging has rebounded strongly, with orders mainly from North America and Western Europe, but the pace of demand in Asia and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is slowing. The order volume of the company in the first quarter was comparable to the best quarter of 2008

generally speaking, injection molding machines are installed in Asia almost every second, said Dieter Straub, a member of the association's leading group and CEO of Klaus mafi. Straub believes that the company's business shift to Asia has been a trend for many years, including before the economic recession. After this crisis, the situation is indeed different, and the market has really changed. The latest two trends are: the transfer of plastic processing industry to Asia; More automation and work unit

When asked about the current Greek debt crisis, lefenhauser said that members of his team agreed that the weakness of the euro was not an obstacle, but rather a help, because it made German machinery manufacturers more dependent on exports

looking ahead, it is expected that orders will increase by 11% from this year to next year. This growth may threaten the cost of raw materials and energy, developing countries with overheated economies, and the ineffectiveness of the government's economic stimulus plan

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