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Xerox's GIS announced the acquisition of mwos company

Xerox's global imaging systems (GIS) recently announced the acquisition of Martin Whalen office in Illinois in order to win the market solutions (mwos) company. Mwos mainly provides office technology and software solutions for the southern and western suburbs of Chicago

after the acquisition, mwos will provide consumers with all Xerox office and printing technology products and printing management services to expand Xerox's distribution in Illinois. In addition to providing document management and print management services, the company also provides canon and Kyocera brand copiers, printers and multi-function printing equipment

Michael pietrunti, senior vice president of GIS in charge of mergers, enterprise services and marketing business, said: mwos has always been consumer centric, enjoys a high reputation in the industry, and has close ties with the community. This is in line with our market strategy of establishing local networks around the world to meet the unique needs of consumers

through the cooperation with GIS and Xerox, we further declare to provide better solutions for consumers, quick answers, outstanding technology and high-quality PolyOne's recently announced commitment to service, said Marty Whalen, Jr., executive president of mwos. After the merger, Whalen will continue to serve as the chairman and CEO of mwos

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