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Interpretation of the "31 opinions" on cost reduction in Hubei Province: only when "dry goods" are reduced to real gold and silver can enterprises be profitable and dynamic, can the economy have a lasting driving force for development. In reality, many enterprises report high costs, and it is difficult to promote Taishan quality certification in the field of new materials

since 2016, our province has intensively introduced the "red envelope" for cost reduction for three consecutive years to reduce the burden and cost of enterprises. In 2017, the first two rounds of policy measures have reduced the cost of enterprises by about 113billion yuan

how can the new round of cost reduction "combination fist" be used? How strong

every "dry goods" will be reduced. The "fist" of reducing electricity prices and logistics costs will be "the third move" this year

the electricity charge is lower. By temporarily reducing the transmission and distribution electricity price, cleaning up the commercial complex and other non direct copy users' electricity price increase and other measures, the general industrial and commercial electricity price of our province will be reduced by about 10%. From january1,2018, the system standby fee will be exempted for the waste heat, residual pressure and residual gas captive power plants connected to Hubei power plant approved by relevant departments and in line with the policy

the toll is cheaper. We will continue the preferential policy of electronic toll payment for Expressway thoroughfare card users. When using Expressway thoroughfare card electronic payment for truck traffic, the toll rate will be increased to 20% for expressways in deep poverty-stricken areas with high charging standards and low traffic volume. Expand the scope of preferential tolls for international standard container transport vehicles

to alleviate the "big problem" of "difficult and expensive financing for enterprises, which cannot meet the requirements of high-precision measurement", this time also released a new effective measure

set up a "seed board" for enterprises to be listed in Wuhan equity custody trading center to guide the enterprises to be listed to the "four Board" market for listing or display, and standardize them first

support companies listed on the "new third board" to raise funds through private placement. We will guide qualified high-quality enterprises to issue corporate bonds, convertible bonds, asset securitization products and other financing channels, and support local governments to issue bonds in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges

look at the "heavy fist" of reducing taxes and fees

tax reduction and fee reduction are equal to increasing profits for entity enterprises. According to the "Article 31", the national value-added tax reform measures, preferential income tax policies for small and low profit enterprises, and policies such as increasing the pre tax plus deduction ratio of R & D expenses of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises will be implemented. At the same time, the patent registration fee will be suspended from august1,2018. From may1,2018, the collection of paid use fees for scenic resources will be suspended

our province has also evaluated the policies and measures that are about to expire, and will continue to implement or expand the scope of implementation according to the actual situation. Up to the important strategic opportunity period of development, on December 31, 2020, the enterprise local education surcharge rate will continue to be implemented at 1.5%. By december31,2019, urban land use tax will be levied by halving the land for bulk commodity storage facilities owned by logistics enterprises; The interest income from small loans to farmers of financial institutions shall be exempted from value-added tax, and the scope of this preferential policy shall be extended to all legitimate and compliant small loan companies; Value added tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and individual (enterprise) income tax shall be deducted according to regulations for entrepreneurship and employment of key groups such as college graduates, people with employment difficulties and retired soldiers

keep a close eye on "pain points" and make sure that the "31" cost reduction dry goods of "making sure that the move is real" require good transparent conductive electrode materials, which are not thought out by "patting the head". According to the introduction of the provincial development and Reform Commission, according to the prominent problems found in the cost reduction supervision and investigation and the strong demands of enterprises, through the provincial government's large-scale supervision, Department symposium, and investigation in brother provinces, it aims to formulate a series of targeted policies

for example, the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation and the provincial Trade Union proposed to expand the exemption scope of employment security fund for the disabled. From April 1, 2017, the exemption scope of employment security fund for the disabled will be adjusted from small and micro enterprises with less than 20 (including) employees in total to enterprises with less than 30 (including) employees in total within three years from the date of industrial and commercial registration. "In addition, we have increased support for trade unions in small and micro enterprises, and the provincial fire brigade has proposed to improve the efficiency of fire services, which are all aimed at the 'pain points' most strongly reflected by enterprises." Provincial Development and Reform Commission of the restructuring department

stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. According to the cost reduction policies and measures issued by brother provinces, and in combination with the actual situation of our province, put forward policies and measures

for example, reward opinions on enterprises listed on the "new third board" and "Fourth Board"; We will reduce the proportion of the verified amount of stamp tax levied on some enterprises, comprehensively promote the "integration of multiple tests" in the field of construction projects, and reduce the burden of patent payment on enterprises

evaluate the policies and measures that are about to expire, and put forward measures to continue or expand the scope of implementation when the finance, fund and national policies allow. For example, the local education surcharge rate of enterprises will continue to be implemented at 1.5%, the policy of extending the social insurance premium rate will be studied and issued in accordance with the unified deployment of the state, the preferential policy for electronic payment users of Expressway thoroughfare cards will be continued and increased, and the preferential range of international standard container transport vehicles will be expanded

focus on implementation, so that enterprises can enhance their sense of gain

the "big red envelope" of cost reduction for three consecutive years has brought tangible benefits to enterprises

over the past three years, Yichang humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has reaped more than ten million yuan of "net income" from replacing business tax with value-added tax, and enjoyed nearly 300million yuan of R & D fee plus deduction... A series of tax and fee reduction measures launched by the state have enabled enterprises to enjoy real benefits and become a "power source" to promote enterprises to climb the high end of the value chain. In 2017, the company achieved sales revenue of 2.556 billion yuan and paid taxes of 520million yuan

one point deployment, nine points implementation. How to implement the cost reduction policy

the provincial development and Reform Commission introduced that it will continue to carry out the monthly supervision of the provincial government, collect and sort out the problems and suggestions in the implementation of the cost reduction policy in our province, and strengthen the supervision and rectification. At the same time, pay attention to the supporting follow-up of cost reduction policies, and pay close attention to the formulation and implementation of relevant supporting policies to ensure that all cost reduction measures benefit enterprises in a timely manner

at the same time, strengthen the follow-up research on major policy issues. We will continue to conduct in-depth research on outstanding contradictions and problems of high public concern and great impact on enterprise costs, strengthen policy reserves, and constantly enrich and improve them

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